134-imperial order

The Attorney General was hurriedly brought into the room.
He was about 60 years old, with a slender body, gray hair, and blue eyes.

Baron Keselowski arrived a little later.
He is the father of Kyle Keselowski, who is acquainted with Patrick.
He looks a lot like Kyle. No, it's the other way around. Kyle looks like his father.
'Attorney General Gibbs, read this for a second!
At the king's unusual tone, the Attorney General began to read the document with a serious expression.

'This is it! ...My God! What a stupid thing to do...'
He hands the document to Baron Keselowski.

Baron Keselowski rushes to read it.
'What a fool... if this is true...'
The two men look up.

They look at the king,
'Your Majesty, if this is true, it's treason, but we have no proof. We don't even know if this letter is genuine.
The Attorney General says.

Baron Keselowski,
I'm sorry we couldn't find it, but our investigation department only investigated the court nobility. From now on, we will include the nobles of the estate in our investigation!
I'll include the nobles of your lands in the investigation!

'We'll gather the evidence now, but once we have it, as Secretary, I have nothing to say, do I?
The king's eyes were serious,

'Of course, sir.
The Attorney General replies.

'Keselowski, I'll send more men to investigate the anti-royalists.

'Yes, sir!

'Good! Now, here's what we're going to do. Patrick, and Count Abbott, I have an imperial order! Gather evidence against the traitors with the Royal Investigations Department! Baron Keselowski! Find the evidence with the two of you! Prime Minister Bendrick! Order the Kingsguard to escort Thornalice with the Royalist noble guards only! And Attorney General Gibbs! Let's not have this investigation break any laws. Good.

'''''God willing!!!!!'''''

'Also, Patrick. Go see Sona. He's in a bad mood.'
Sighs the king.

'Yes, sir.
Patrick smiles bitterly.