135-Abbott's Residue

Patrick and the others leaving the room.

'Oh, Count Abbott, stay a little while.
Abbott pauses as the king says.

'Your Majesty, is there anything more?
Abbott asks,

'How are you connected to Patrick? There's no connection, is there?'
'Oh, you mean that. Well, it's my fault, but I'll tell you.'
'Yeah, I'm curious. He's not very good at socializing, is he?

'That's true. Basically, he's a good person, but there's something about him I don't understand. Now, about our family blunder, that was...'

Abbott explained,
'I don't know, it was a bad time, or something.
The King smiled bitterly,
'You could say it was a bad time, but on the other hand, it was a good thing that we were able to form an alliance, so you could say it was good timing. Well, it was a disaster for my men.

'He seems to be unrelenting against his own enemies, but he's still young. Support him well. I'll keep your achievements in mind, and I promise to appreciate them when this matter is resolved.

'Your Majesty, this Abbot may be derided as an iron fox, but his loyalty to the royal family is as strong as ever. And our alliance with the Snakes will go forward without harm to the crown. My son will inherit my loyalty to the crown and my alliance with House Snakes, so rest assured.
Abbott declares, kneeling down.

'Hmm. The fact that you have been able to investigate and report independently without getting involved with other families is worthy of our trust. I'll be counting on you.

'Yes, sir!

'Your son, Ryan, right? Have you taken him to see Patrick?'

'No, not yet. I've been looking for the right moment, and this might be it.'

Maybe. Oh, by the way, it's not my place to interfere, but I don't approve of your relationship with our eldest daughter, Crozier. I don't know what to say, but I don't approve of you marrying my eldest daughter, Crozier.

'My son is fine with me⁉︎'

'I hear you're quite good. He'll make a good lord if he inherits your experience.

Thank you. I'll tell my son after this matter is settled. I don't want him to be too hasty and hasty.

'Hmm. I'm counting on you.

'Thank you.