136-military uniform

Patrick meets with Thorinaris.
At first they were talking normally, but now they are like mannequins.

It seems that Thorinaris is struggling with the design of his armor and has made a military uniform before.

Military uniforms are usually provided by the military.
However, some noblemen and officers have their uniforms made to order.
But some aristocrats and officers had their uniforms made to order because the quality of the cloth was not good or the design did not suit them.

Therefore, the military decided that they could wear them as long as they kept the essentials.

The rule is that the design must be similar to that of the issued items. The color must be the same as that of the unit. The position of the collar and armband. And so on.

Patrick had never been particular about his clothes, and had always worn what he had been issued.
That didn't sit well with Thorinaris.

So, he made a few things before the armor.
Is this something that can be made in a few minutes?

The fabric is fine, but the collar is a little high and cannot be closed in the front.
This seems to be the specification.

There is silverwork on each part. The design is of Pichan's head.

The hem is so long that it looks like a long coat.

The outside is the black color of the 8th Army, but the lining is bright red.
There is a green embroidery of Pichan.

To be honest, there are a lot of things to poke fun at.

'It's perfect for Patrick-sama, the Red God of Death.
Patrick couldn't say no to the boisterous Thorinaris,

'Thank you, sir. I'll wear it from now on and do my duty.
He replied.

The military uniform he was wearing was being held by Thorinaris, so he decided to give it to him.