137-start gathering information

Five days after the day I called for the spies, a large number of people gathered in the hall of the Snakes' mansion.

Aside from the butlers and servants, there were 29 spies hired by the Snakes family in the royal capital, officially called the Dark Serpent Squad.

In addition, the first battalion of 100 men from the Snakes' army was lined up.

'Listen up! I have an imperial order from His Majesty! It has been confirmed that there is a house that would foolishly target my house! They've even plotted to kidnap my fiancée, His Highness Thornaris. I will not allow this! The Dark Serpent Squad will scout and gather information on this foolish house. This is a joint operation between the Count Abbot's intelligence division and the royal investigation team.
The Viper Squad is to guard the house and escort the Dark Serpent Squad.

All right! I want hard evidence! We need proof if we're going to make them regret their actions against our family.
We will destroy them! This is a necessary step for our country, our house and our people!
We will show them how terrible the Snakes are!

With Patrick's declaration, each of them began to move.

Some are hiding in King's Landing. Some run to the lands of certain nobles.
At the Snakes' mansion, guards in green military uniforms keep a watchful eye, determined not to miss anything suspicious.

And Patrick is on the move.

There is no one more skilled than Patrick in the search for the house.