138-sneak thief

It's been a few days since the Royals, Abbotts, and Snakes have been on the move, gathering information and evidence.

A nobleman's house.

A group of men gathered there, their faces as if they had bitten off more than they could chew.

'What is the assassin who infiltrated the House of Snakes doing!
'I saw that kid walking around the royal castle today. Get him killed!
'Wait a minute, maybe he hasn't moved yet. I was told to pay him in advance in a lump sum, but I cut the price to an advance and a success fee.
Why did you cut the price⁉︎?
'Because I don't have any money! How much can you give me? I have 20 gold coins left.
''You don't have any, do you? I don't have any either . So I can't rush you to hurry up.''

They've already been captured, but they haven't received any information.

'Oh well. The assassin is said to be quite skilled. The kid's got some skill, but he's not good at one-on-one combat. Three against one is a sure thing.'
'More importantly, Thorinaris! Wouldn't it be more fun to kidnap that little girl and kill her in front of the kid? Why don't you change your request to have the assassin kidnap her?'
'No, no, no, no, Thorinaris insists that Count Bush make him a slave.

The men argue about whatever they want.

The man listening to them in the corner of the room.

It's Patrick.

Patrick was desperately trying to control his temper.
Don't worry about me. I'm used to being wronged.

But to not only drag Thorinaris into this, but to kill him and turn him into a slave, he felt the urge to kill him right now.

A few minutes later, the men leave the room.
Patrick begins to move slowly.
He walks right behind the men.

When they arrive at the master's office, the men say,
''I swear on this blood seal!
''I swear it!
''Bring the Snakes to justice!

Patrick at this sight ,
(What kind of trifecta is this?)
Patrick's anger turned to disgust at the sight.

The man puts the blood seal in his desk drawer and locks it.
After the men leave, Patrick pulls the desk drawer.
It's locked tightly, so there's no way he can open it.

Patrick pulls a piece of wire out of his pocket.
(I hope my sneak thief technique hasn't rusted.)
With this in mind, he bends the end of the wire slightly and inserts it into the keyhole.
It took me an hour to scratch the keyhole with a clattering, clanking sound.

I heard a click.

(Finally. My arm has gotten dull. It used to take me less than five minutes.)
With that in mind, I pulled out the drawer and checked the blood seal.

There were all the names on the list, and they were carefully stamped with a blood thumbprint.

This is proof that no one can escape.

(I'll report it to His Majesty. Now, what shall I do?)