139-In the event of a disturbance 1

A few days later, in a room in the royal castle.

The king, the vizier, the attorney general, the head of the investigation department, General Andretti, Count Abbott, and Patrick were gathered there.

'Well, now we have all the evidence.
The King said,
'The blood warrant has worked. There's no excuse for this.
The Prime Minister said.
'Indeed, this is solid evidence.
The Attorney General declares.

'Your Majesty, how do we proceed?
The chief investigator asks.

'Go to Bush's faction with one army and the Survey Department! Abbott gets half of the second team. Patrick's got eight. The Kingsguard will remain with the Thornalis escort. Time to move, tomorrow at dawn. Capture him at once. You can kill me if I don't! Seize not only the lord but his family as well.
The soldier from the noble family in question will be removed from the mission and monitored by the remaining two armies.

After that, Count Abbott and Patrick discussed which house they would take charge of.

We'll start with the mansions in King's Landing. After that, it was decided to head for the territory.

At night, after King's Landing had fallen asleep, the army began to move slowly and quietly.

As the sun rose, the streets of King's Landing were filled with noise.

In one house, the Royal Army broke through the gate and overwhelmed the house.

In one house, a battle began in the garden of the house.

And in the bedroom of one of the houses, the head of the family is found dead. Strangely enough, the body was wrapped in rope and the neck and torso were found separated on the bed.

This is the man who said he would kill Thornalis in front of Patrick, and I'm sure he had nothing to do with those words.

In the bedroom, there was also a dead body of the man's family with many bones broken and skin pierced...
The room was said to be a pool of blood.

Surrounded by the royal army, some of the heads of the family came out of the house with their hands raised in desperation, while others fled in a haphazard manner.

Those who were caught, some protested their innocence, some shouted that it was a mistake, and some made excuses that they were being set up by whomever.

When the aristocrats' district becomes quiet, countless carriages of the national army run out from the royal capital.
Their destinations are the territories of the nobles on the list.