140-During the Disturbance 2

Among the wagons driving out of King's Landing, of course, are the wagons of the 8th Army.

Among them, of course, is Patrick.

This time, he is riding a horse and focusing on speed.
Patrick's long military uniform, which looked like a coat, fluttered in the air as he rode his horse in silence.

The black-clad troops followed.

The 8th Army arrives at the estate of a certain nobleman.
They temporarily capture the town's gatekeeper, who is trying to stop the 8th Army from entering, and run to the lord's mansion to raid it.

The owner of the mansion, surrounded by the 8th Army..,
'What's going on?  Do you know that this is the residence of the Baron of Pagenaud?
' he shouted.
'By order of His Majesty the King!  The Barons of Pagenaud are under suspicion of rebelling against the Crown!  They should be brought in peacefully!

I heard Patrick's voice,
'Mmmm, that's it!  All of you!  You're the ones who cheated on His Majesty's orders!  Cut him down!

Patrick grinned as he thought to himself, 'What kind of tale is this of a ruffian?
'Eight troops!  I want this done in five minutes!
' he called out.
At that moment, black figures jumped over the walls one after another, capturing everyone in the Pagenaud house.

Except for one.

'Hey, Patrick!  You can't just downgrade me to sergeant, you're trying to destroy my family!  I won't allow it!  I challenge you to a duel!

A man who was once demoted for killing trolls and still holds a grudge.
Scott Pagenaud, son of this house.
It seems the hatred he had for the Colonel had somehow been replaced with hatred for Patrick.

'Are you stupid? It wasn't me who demoted you, it was Colonel Leadon!  And it was your mistake!'

'That wasn't my fault!  It's my fault that my troops are weak! It's because of the weakness of your troops that it turned out like that!  If there were more of you, it would have been a perfect plan!

'When your family knew about the plan to kidnap His Highness and didn't report it to the king, you're rebelling!

'Since it wasn't my plan, it's not my fault!

'How can you use that excuse?

'Shut up!  Let's duel!

'Why should I duel with an idiot when I can just capture them all and complete the mission!  Are you rotten inside your head?

'Bother, bother, bother!  If I defeat you, you can take care of the rest!

'Who is it?  ''Count Bush's family, the army is on its way, and so is Hunter Ray's. Of course, it can't be the powerless Newgarden, can it?'

'Hmph!  He's more noble than that!  But you don't need to tell me. I'll kill you myself!

'Very well, then. I'll make you tell me who's going to take care of it all later.'

'Let's do it!
Patrick flicked the spear with his machete and sliced the man's right wrist as Scott came running at him with his spear at the ready.

'So weak!'
The words leaked out of Patrick's mouth involuntarily.
'I was wondering what kind of cowardly move I would use if I was strong, but how dare you say duel with that arm!

He shouted, yakuza-kicking Scott in the back of the head as he held his right wrist, knocking him to the ground,
'Hey, put a shoe in his mouth, stop the bleeding at the wrist, and wrap him up in a mat! It's too loud.'

It was over in a huff.