141-During the Disturbance 3

After that, Patrick and the 8th Army went to the other noble houses.

Few of the noble families were caught quietly, and the ones that didn't give up fought the 8th Army.
Since there were only a few soldiers in the house, the 8th Army was able to subdue them without causing even a single casualty.

However, there were some territories that had their own soldiers waiting for them outside the town.

'The 8th Army is targeting the noble leader and his family. The others should be disabled. Leave the movement to the captains. Move!
Patrick's voice rang out, and the troops began to move.
After a volley of archers, the horsemen charge!
I've borrowed a long spear this time.
This time, I borrowed a long spear. Some of the troops deployed to the left and right, trying to surround the territorial army.
The surrounded territorial troops desperately resisted, but there was a clear difference in strength between the national army, the eight troops who had endured Patrick's training, and the country troops.
They easily entered the town, and when they arrived at the house of the head of the family, they broke down the gate and entered the premises.
Of course, there were guards and territorial soldiers, but the 8th Army reached the gate of the house easily.
In the garden of the mansion are the remains of soldiers skewered with spears.

The servants who kicked down the door of the mansion and were captured by the rushing 8th Army.
Some of them resisted, but their resistance was futile.
The head of the noble family was captured in his office.

'I never thought I'd be captured by the Grim Reaper. I guess I'm going to the other side...'
The lord's weak words leaked out.

And before returning to King's Landing, the 8th Army's carriages were full of captured nobles.
The nobles are screaming that they're cramped, that they're thirsty, and that they need to be untied.

Well, they're annoying and annoying.
I had no choice but to stop the carriage on the way, unload the nobles from the carriage, and begin interrogating Scott Pagenaud in front of everyone.

Since he didn't have anything from his right wrist down, he stuck a needle between the fingernails of his left hand, and when he moved it around, Scott cried out.
The nobles were shocked.

When he peeled off the second nail, Scott confessed easily, but Patrick was shocked at what he said.

The surrounding aristocrats were bloodied by Patrick's interrogation.
The women and children cried, fainted, and shat themselves.

As a result, the aristocrats quieted down, but Patrick's feelings were impatient.

He hurriedly pushed the nobles into the carriage, increased the speed of the carriage, and the 8th Army ran towards the capital.

'Just in time!
The words leaked out of Patrick's mouth.