142-During the Disturbance 4

It's been a while since Patrick and his army left King's Landing.

There was a dispute between the two armies and the soldiers of the rebel noble's relatives who were isolated in the royal castle.

'Why do we have to be watched in this place!
'That's right! We're soldiers too!

'Bother! It's an order from above! We only do what we're told!

And then..,
'What's all the fuss about?
' said a man with long silver hair and blue eyes, walking with his chest out.

'Your Highness, Henry! What brings you to a place like this?
It was Henry Mental, the second prince.

To the kneeling soldier,
'No, there's something different about the castle today. I was just taking a walk and looking around.
'It certainly looks different today, but I haven't heard anything about it, so I don't know.
'Yeah, yeah, I guess so. Then I have an order for you. Release the quarantined soldiers!

The soldier was told,
'Your Highness, I can't do that. The order came from General Andretti, so only the General and the Marshal can overrule it.'

'Hmm. If you had listened to the order, you might have lived longer.
With that, Henry thrust his sword into the back of the kneeling soldier.

The other soldiers in the second army who were watching were in an uproar,

'Alright! From this day forward, I, Henry Mental, will be the master of this castle! From now on, I will kill my father the king and my brothers! Those who obey me will be treated well. You quarantined soldiers, your families and relatives are being held captive by the Royal Guard right now. For rebelling against the crown.
At best you're slaves, at worst you'll be executed. What will you do?
Henry said,
'I'm loyal to you, Your Highness!
'Me too!
One by one, the soldiers in quarantine raise their voices.

The effect spreads to the soldiers of the second army.
But the soldiers don't have the authority to restrain the prince.
Only the king has that power.

Several men from the two armies run away from the scene.
One to General Andretti, one to the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, and one to the King.