143-During the disturbance, 5~Henry's plot~

Henry had been waiting for this chance.

The Royal Army has left King's Landing, and the three armies are in the northern mountains. General Andretti, Lieutenant General Simon, and Lieutenant General Ganache were gone.
The 8th Army is only a small, hastily constructed force.

As the son of a concubine, he was not appointed as the Dauphin because he was the second prince.
I don't think I'm as good as the crown prince.

No, he is superior.

His mother's family, the Marquesses of Raven, want him to be king.
Then you should take your chances.

He learns of this move from the Kingsguard who always gives him an allowance.
Determined not to miss this opportunity, he immediately sent a letter to the Marquesses of Raven in King's Landing, and made arrangements to have them send soldiers from their territory.

A few days later, the national army left the capital.
Now all he had to do was get rid of his father, brother, and younger brother, and he would be king.

The rest of the mess would be taken care of.
The Marquesses of Raven, among the Royalist nobles, will cooperate and will not be defeated by the Dauphin's faction.
The Marquis of Raven's army is one of the best in the kingdom in terms of quality and quantity.

Once they have captured the anti-royalist troops and secured the capital and castle with their territorial troops, the returning national army will be helpless.

No, once he becomes king, it is the king who can order the national army.
Andretti and Simon may be troublesome, but they should be removed.

Then we can consolidate our position and make peace with the Empire.
If you can make peace with one mine, it's a small price to pay.

Now, where are my father, brother, and brother?

That's what I was thinking.