144-During the disturbance, 6~In the castle~

Patrick has decided to leave the slow wagon team and go ahead with the horse team.

Scott is tied to the horse in a sling.
They needed a witness.
The gates of King's Landing were closed as they sped towards the capital.


Meanwhile, all hell broke loose in King's Landing.

In the royal castle, there is a standoff between the Kings, Dauphin's, and Third Prince's guards versus the Second Prince's guards and the rebels.

Behind Trolla and the Dauphin's Kingsguard are the King, the Dauphin and Sona, respectively, and against them the Second Prince's Kingsguard, the Second Princess and the Second Queen.

'Henry, I never thought you'd be so stupid. I'll let you off with imprisonment now, won't I?'

'You are a fool, father. This mental kingdom doesn't need a foolish king who makes the crown prince his brother when I'm better than his brother there. From now on, this country will be a meritocracy.

'I'm proud that I didn't give the position of crown prince to a son who causes such a commotion.

'What's the fuss? You can't even unite the nobles in the country, let alone nip a rebellion in the bud like the anti-royalists!

'In any group, there will always be opposing camps. It's politics that must be managed in harmony with them.

'That's because you don't run a government that satisfies everyone! If you lead in the right direction, no one will oppose you.

'Do you think the nobility will be moved by such niceties! People move in a balance between their own interests, pretext, and justice.

'All you have to do is do the right thing. Eliminate the wicked and govern only with the righteous, and the country will be united.

'That will divide the country!

'We didn't do it, and now we're divided, aren't we? There's no point in talking to each other anymore. I will lead the country in the right direction, don't worry. Just watch what happens to this country. ......

In the afterlife!

All of you! Come on!