145-During the disturbance, 7~ Killer~

At the same time, the Marquis of Raven's troops were at the gates of King's Landing.

The 8th Army,
'We've returned to inform His Majesty of the completion of our mission. Let us through.
But they won't let us through.
'Why are the Marquis of Raven guarding the gate! What about the Royal Army?'
Patrick asked,

'We only follow the orders of His Highness the Marquis of Raven and His Highness Henry. No one is to enter!

('His Highness,' Patrick thought to himself,

'Eighth Army, move in.

Patrick ordered quietly.

The Eighth Army neutralized the Marquis of Raven's army, which was standing guard at the gate.
They entered through the gate one by one.
Patrick also dove through the gate and told the 8th Army to..,
'Head for the castle! Guard the king and his men! I'll go first.
Mirko! Head to House Sneaks and tell the Viper Squad to come to the castle!'

So says Patrick, riding off.

The gatekeepers of the castle have been replaced by the Marquis of Raven's troops, but they easily defeat them and enter the castle.
What he saw there was a battle between half of the two armies and the anti-Royalist soldiers from the first two armies who were left out of the mission.

It was hard to tell which was which, and their skills were very similar.
So Patrick said,
'Quiet, you two! Both of you, draw your swords! If you have a problem with that, come at me! If you're going to fight me, you better be willing to die! If you don't, make way for me! If you don't, get out of my way!

I'll slash you if you don't!'' he said, unleashing his normally suppressed killing intent to the fullest.

The national army, which had never felt Patrick's deadly spirit before, trembled in fear, both friend and foe.
It was, after all, the killing power of the god of death. Patrick's hellish training had taken its toll on the national army.
It became a space where instincts dreaded killing and the presence of death hung in the air.

Kicking away the soldiers who were sitting on the spot, Patrick continued on his way.

His goal is to reach His Majesty the King and his fiancée, Sonalice.