146-8 in the event of a disturbance~ Nominated~

'The Eighth Army will capture the Marquis' army and any rebels who dare to disobey, and kill them if they dare! I'll take the blame! Go!

With that, Patrick moves deeper into the castle.

Seeing fallen soldiers here and there, he asks those who are still breathing where the king is.

On the way, he hears from a fallen soldier,
'The Commander of the Kingsguard of the Reapers is also an enemy, be careful Commander ......'.

Then you reach the audience hall.

There, he sees the Commander of the Kingsguard of the Reapers about to swing his sword at Trolla, who has lost her left arm and is on her knees.

Patrick runs up to him at high speed and hits the stoutly built Commander of the Kingsguard, blowing him away.

'Are you out of your mind? Reaper, Commander of the Kingsguard! I'm not going to be able to do anything about it.

Patrick says as he hands the potion to Trolla. You can see the King, the Dauphin, and Thornaris behind him.
They don't seem to be hurt.

'd*mn you, Snakes! One more swing and you could have taken the life of that hateful Khanahn! Because of him, I've been ridiculed as the Commander of the Kingsguard. I'm sure you're not the only one who has a problem with this.

You don't have to worry about what people think of you. And if you're fools, even more so!

'Bother! What do you know about the Count? An aristocrat is a noble person who should be respected! Commoners should just shut up and listen to what we say! You mock me behind my back!

'If you want to be respected, you should act accordingly. If you want to be respected, act accordingly.

'Shut up! His Highness, no, His Majesty promised to make me a duke and a general in the army. Then the fools will accept! I'll prove who's really strong!

'If you want to prove your strength, you can do it against the Empire, but what's the point of proving it by causing chaos in the country!

Then the 8th Army and the Viper Squad appeared,
'The Marquis of Raven's army and the mutinous soldiers have all been seized! This is the only place left!

Mirko reported.

'Good work! You guys should see the end of the poor Knight Commander of the Kingsguard and the demented nobles behind him.

Patrick grinned,
'You're going to prove it, aren't you? I don't think I'd stand a chance in a fair fight, but one man is only so strong. An army fights as an organization. It's the same with the Kingsguard. We all protect the crown. This country doesn't need a foolish Commander of the Kingsguard who doesn't understand that. whoever defeats this foolish man in the 8th army will be made a knight of my house. Is there anyone who says they are?

A sudden proposal.
Everyone's expression was puzzled.

A knight is the first step of nobility.
It's a chance for a soldier from a noble family to make a home for himself.

But a knight commander of the Kingsguard is the best in the army.
It's not an easy opponent to beat.

While everyone was dumbfounded by Patrick saying that in such a situation, the Commander of the Kingsguard said,

'You're a fool! I'm the Commander of the Kingsguard! Did you think that a mere eight hastily made troops of the national army could defeat me!

'I think there's a difference in growth potential between a commander who hasn't had much training and a soldier in the 8th Army who's undergoing rigorous training. Besides, you're still young. Their physical strength is different. Besides, no one said it was one-on-one.

Smirking again, Patrick said,

'Van Pelt, Wylie, you two take it, you'll win.'

Patrick grinned again and said, 'Van Pelt, Wylie, you two can win.