147-During the disturbance, 9~ Cowardly?~

Wylie and Van Pelt are confused by the sudden order.

They were dealing with the Commander of the Kingsguard.
He's probably one of the best in the kingdom.
And he's wearing full body metal armor.

But an order is an order.

'Yes, sir.
Van Pelt managed to squeeze out his voice.

'Van Pelt, how do we move?
Wylie asks Van Pelt, keeping an eye on the Commander of the Kingsguard.
'We'll have to work together to penetrate the armor. It's a weak link, but I've known you a long time. It's a little better.
'So that's it. Then let's go.

They moved at the same time as the voice.
Their spears were very fast, and their movements did not seem like a hastily made partnership.
However, their opponent is the Commander of the Kingsguard.
Taking advantage of the characteristics of the metal armor, they made the least possible moves to avoid it.
In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, there are a few things you can do.

'Mirko, throw a shuriken at the eye of the Commander's helmet in moderation.
Patrick, who had somehow moved to Mirko's side, ordered.
'What? Aren't those two supposed to be in charge?'
'The Commander's guy, he's strong as he says. If we don't create some kind of opening, we won't have much of a chance to attack. Go ahead!
Patrick said,
'Yes, sir.
I agree in a low voice.

Swoosh! The shuriken is released with a small sound, and flies right into the opening of the helmet, at the eye.

The knight captain, who was almost there, noticed and dodged.
'You coward! I thought there were two of you!
Patrick cursed,

'Cowardly? I'll take that word straight back at you. The cowardly Henry and his wagging tail of a dog who rebelled while the army was away! A cowardly commander who points his sword at the royal family in a surprise attack! Well, cowardly commander is a good name! I'll have it written in the history of the kingdom that he's a coward! Ahahaha!
Patrick starts laughing, and the Commander glares at him.
There's an opening.

Wylie thrusts out his spear in a low voice.
The tip of the spear pierced the Commander's left side.

The Commander stepped back, screaming in pain, but a follow-up spear came from Van Pelt.
The spear pierced the gap in the armor on the Commander's left elbow, and he fell back further.
Then Mirko's shuriken strikes.

There's a nice little popping sound,
and the Commander takes his hand off his sword and uses his right hand to pull out the shuriken stuck in his eye.
Wylie shouts, and rushes forward.

Van Pelt follows.

Two spears pierce the gap between the Commander's right arm and his thigh.