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As the Knight Commander collapses, Wylie and Van Pelt twist their spears and push in, making it impossible for him to resist.

'You've got a chance, Henry! Give up. Surrender now and we'll let you live.

' said the king,

'Hey! You two, charge!
Henry turns around without replying and orders the rebels.

'But we can't take on a man who can defeat a Knight Commander...'
The soldier replies,
'All you have to do is buy me time to escape! Just go!
The soldier replies,

But he lets out a gasp and Henry is blown away.

'Did you think you could escape?
The voice came from where Henry had been standing a moment ago.
It was Patrick.

Henry rolls over, clutching his stomach.

'What⁉︎ Why did Henry just get blown up?
The king muttered quietly,
'Master Patrick kicked Henry in the stomach with a thud.
Thorinaris said.

'Did you see that? Did you see Patrick move?'
Prince William asks,

'Yes! She's my wife!
'Yes, she's my wife!

'No, she's still my fiancée...'
The king mutters.

'Well, seize the rebels! Don't kill the crown princes. The rest can be killed if they stand in your way!'
Patrick orders the 8th army to approach Henry.

'So, Your Highness, Henry, since you ignored His Majesty's words, does that mean you don't intend to live?
I looked down at Henry, who had finally stopped rolling around, and asked him in an even tone of voice.

'How dare you! Who are you talking to, an earl like you! Do you not intend to live? I haven't lost yet! I'm going to kill them all now!

Henry, who had been stomped on in the stomach by Patrick during the conversation, screamed.

'What do you mean you haven't lost yet? That's what I'm talking about! If I had Your Majesty's permission, I could chop off your head right now. How dare you rebel with such a small force? You're too stupid!
Patrick said,

'Nonsense! If you hadn't come along, we would have been fine! If you hadn't come, we could have taken the castle and King's Landing! It's my father's fault for not making me the crown prince when I'm better than my brother! I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.
Henry says to Patrick.

But Patrick's forehead twitched.

At that moment, the audience hall was overwhelmed by Patrick's murderous energy.

No one could speak, and Henry's mother and sister collapsed on the spot.

The rebel soldiers were shaking and shitting their pants.

Even the 8th Army, who knew Patrick well, shivered a little.

And Henry, the closest to him, fainted and puked.

But then he kicked him in the stomach to wake him up,

'You told me twice to kill them all.

"Beat it!"

'And that would include His Majesty, to whom I owe so much, and my wife, Saanaris, wouldn't it? 

"Beat it."

And my brother-in-law by marriage, Prince William, and his wife, Queen Elizabeth.


Better than Prince William? Better at what? What better? You're a scumbag who's only motivated by your own desires.


You know, I hate it when people come after me.


I'd like to kill you right here and now, but I don't have Your Majesty's permission, so I'll have to settle for this.


Does it hurt? Of course it does. I'm trying to make it hurt more.


 Are you ready to die?


 You want me to kill you?


Would it be easier if I died? '

The words were used calmly, but they were said while doing a certain task.

There were many people who collapsed and many people who shat themselves when they saw this work.

Since no one could speak, there was no one to stop them.

Henry's entire body is wounded, though he is not bleeding much.
I'm not sure if the potion will heal him.

Henry's scream is the only sound in the room.


The sound of something snapping from Henry's body was drowned out by the voices, so no one could hear it.

And with that sound, Henry's heart was broken.

By Patrick.