149-During the disturbance, 11~ Hot eyes~

'Patrick, isn't it about time? He's still my brother, so why don't you leave the rest to your father?'

Sonaris called out to Patrick.
At that moment, Patrick suppressed his killing intent.

'Yes, of course. Shall we leave it at that? I'm sorry your highness had to see that. I apologize.'

Patrick bows his head.

'No, it was really cool! And I was happy!
Thorinaris's nose gets a little ragged.

'Your Majesty and Your Lordships, I'm sorry I showed you a bad time. I'll leave the rest to you.

Patrick bows his head deeply and says,

'Well, that was a bit much, but you saved me. I thank you.

The king nailed Patrick's actions to the wall, but did not seem to question them.

'Thank you for helping me with my brother's mess. I thank you as well. And I'm glad you called me brother-in-law.'
Prince William was still looking a little pale.

'Patrick, no, Earl of Snakes, thank God. Your Majesties are unharmed. I'm glad it was only a minor sacrifice, like my arm.'
Canaan says, looking at the arm missing from the elbow of his left arm.

The potion will close the wound and restore the broken bone, but it will not repair the missing part.
In other words, the arm will not grow back.
It just closes the wound and stops the bleeding.

'Uncle, if only it had been sooner...'
Patrick says regretfully.

'It's too late! It's an honorable wound. I'll make Decourse proud!
Canaan said, deliberately raising his voice.

'Well, Count Snakes, thank you for your help.
A slender man with long silver hair spoke to him in a slightly frightened manner.

'Your Highness, I'm glad to see you're all right.

The third prince of McClane Mental.
His complexion is quite pale.

'Okay, for now, lock up Henry, Filia and Sophia in Filia's room! Throw the other nobles in jail! The rest of the nobles should be thrown in jail! The same goes for the other soldiers who were involved in the rebellion!
At the king's command, everyone began to move at once.
Filia was the second queen.
Sofia is the second princess.

'Patrick, I'm sorry, but we have a mission.

The king said,

'You're the Marquesses of Raven, aren't you? How can I help you?'
Patrick asks, anticipating.

'Well, keep them alive and capture them if you can. If not, leave it to me.'

'Yes, sir! Now, if you'll excuse me! Your Highness, we'll have time to meet when you return.
Patrick bowed, then turned around,

'Eighth Army! Eight legions and the Snakes' army! We're going to take the Marquis of Raven into custody! Follow me!

He shouted and started walking.

I could feel Thorinaris' eyes on my back.