150-During the disturbance, 12~The castle after Patric...

Patrick and his friends are on their way to the Royal Capital, the Marquesses of Raven.

We rushed there, but the Marquesses of Raven were empty.
Not even the servants were there.

'He escaped...'
Patrick muttered to Mirko,
'Should we go after him?
Mirko asked.

'Of course! We'll be ready to go after him soon!


Meanwhile, in the castle,

'Hey, Thorinaris.

'Yes, Brother William.

'Patrick, you're a good man, if rather scary.'

'Of course he is! He's the one I chose!

A conversation between brother and sister,

'Father, isn't that man too scary?

'This is the first time I've seen his cruelty, it's terrible. But he has the composure to keep it under control with potions, and his loyalty to the royal family is solid. He's not so skilled, but he has great leadership skills. He also has the ability to kill the presence of others without them noticing. More importantly, Sona is madly in love with him. He's older than you in terms of age, but he's going to be your brother-in-law, so get used to it.

'Will I get used to it? My first impression of him is that he's a traumatic killer.'

'That was a terrible thing...'

A conversation between father and son,

'Hurry up and get ready for a bath and a change of clothes!

'Today's underwear was my favorite!

'Take care of yourself! There's no one to be afraid of anymore.

'Are you sure?

'What's with the black hair, I didn't feel like living!

'That dark-haired woman is the fiancée of Sonaris.

The conversation among the royal and noble ladies and maidservants,

'My nephew is amazing. That's the Grim Reaper!

'You were still kind to me during training. If he was trained with that kind of killing power, there would be fugitives.

Conversations between Trolla and his subordinates unfolded here and there.

'Well, we've got a lot of work to do! We need to know what's going on at the castle! William, McClane, let's go. Come on, Kingsguard!
The king shouted and everyone started to move.

'I don't care what you say, but this room stinks!

Finally, Sona.