151-During the disturbance~ Marquis Raven1~

Patrick, the 8th Army and the Viper Squad have left King's Landing for the Marquisate of Raven.

Patrick and the Eighth Army are on their first combat deployment. With dragon troopers, horse troopers, and wagon troopers. The Viper Squad followed on horseback.
It's a day's carriage ride east from King's Landing to the Marquisate of Raven.
On the way, we found the servants' carriage.
We captured them and searched the carriage, but found only maids and servants.
They seemed to have abandoned the slow carriage and fled on horseback.

'Is this going to be a slugfest with the Raven Army?
Patrick muttered, tapping the side of his left eye, and Mirko said,
'What's a slugfest?
Mirko asked.

'I mean a head-on collision. But I'm not going to go head-to-head with you, honestly.'
'What are you going to do?
'I'll figure it out on the move.'
'I'll figure it out as we go,' came the easygoing reply.

'We'll move at the speed of the carriage.


The Marquis of Raven was running with his son, a small old man with gray hair on his back and a slender man about 5'9".
The Marquis of Raven was running with his son when the men he had sent to the castle came back with a report of the failure of the rebellion, and immediately packed their belongings and left the house.

'I was so close to becoming the king's grandfather!

'Father, this is not the time to be talking like that! Even if you go back to your estate and fortify it with soldiers, you won't last that long! What are you going to do? I've always been against it. If we're going to do this, we should've brought in the Anti-Royalists and planned a plan first! That's why we're in such a hurry.

'Don't say that now! We'll just have to contact our faction, get reinforcements and food, and see what happens! There are many of my faction in the east. If you want, we can entice the other houses to consider independence in the east...'

'Aren't you forgetting the Eastern Army? They're the ones who can defeat the wyverns.

'The Eastern Face Army is inexperienced in man-to-man combat. We can handle it!

'Well, my life is in danger if I don't do something, so I'll cooperate.

'Henry's guy, he's saying things like it'll definitely work!

'You're the one who went along with it, father.



Around noon the next day, the 8th Army set foot in the Marquisate of Raven.

The gates of the Marquess's capital are tightly closed, and there are many guards on the walls.

The Eighth Army watches them from afar.

'Well, it's like this...'
'Commander, don't be so casual, how do you want to move?
Mirko asks in a slightly dumbfounded voice.

'Go get Wylie, Van Pelt, Hontas, and Elvis. It's a meeting. '
I order Mirko.
Hontas is the captain of the wagon team.
He's a chubby old man of 40 with blue hair and blue eyes.
Elvis is the captain of the viper squad.
He is a 30-year-old handsome man with long brown hair and blue eyes, about six feet tall.
'Well, what are you going to do?
'What are we going to do? It's no different from a siege if they're that cautious.
'I guess so. Shall we dig a hole?
'We don't know how many days it'll take, and if it collapses, it'll be a disaster!
'Is there anyone from this city in the 8th army? The Viper Squad is basically from Snakes territory.''

'What? I don't know.

'Go ask them.

'Commander, there was one... Hey!
The young man who showed up was..,
'Private Jinny, sir! He's from a farming family in this town. I have parents and two older brothers living in the city.

'Good! Private Ginny, tell me about the inner workings of the city and all that!''

'Yes, sir! So, where should I start?

'Let's start with the walls and buildings...'

Patrick and the others listen to Corporal Ginny's description of the city.


'Can we get by with this?
'I mean, it's not like we have any other options...'
'Isn't the Commander in danger?
'But if the others go with him, they'll be exposed and we won't be able to talk to them...'

'Don't worry about me. I can take care of myself. You guys go around so they don't see you. Give the usual black smoke signal.'
'Yes, sir. Good luck!

'Then let's get to work!