152-During the disturbance~ Marquis Raven2~

Patrick walks alone along the wall, towards the farmland at the far end of the capital.
Patrick would not be spotted by the Marquess of Raven's soldiers.
After about three hours of walking along the wall, he reaches the farmland outside the wall.
The gates for the farmers to enter and exit are closed, but they will come out to harvest. I don't know how much food there is in the city, but vegetables don't last very long, so they will come to harvest. We'll take our chances then.

Two days of waiting.


The farmers came out, guarded by the guards.
The gate closes quickly, but Patrick's goal is to get in.
We'll just have to blend in with the peasants.

After three hours of harvesting, Patrick successfully enters the city, closely following the farmers and their guards as they return to the city.

He walks through the city, checking the soldiers' quarters and the Marquis of Raven's residence.
It occurred to him that he might be able to get in alone. But then I remembered the number of people I'd have to seize and the fact that I'd have to carry the captives.

(If we could just kill them, we could, but we can't.)

Patrick walks to a certain gate, as he had planned before.


The gate is on the east side of the city.

It's a gate to the forest, built to carry firewood.

In that forest, the Viper Squad and the 8th Army were hiding.

The 8th Army had changed into camouflage clothing, making it difficult to be detected.
The Viper Squad, with their originally green uniforms, were less conspicuous than the Eighth Army.
The wagon troops are waiting a little farther away.

Then they see black smoke behind the wall.

'All right, the Commander has arrived. Almost there, get ready!'
Captain Van Pelt orders his men.
'That was quicker than I expected. Didn't the city have much in the way of food reserves?'
Elvis of the Viper Squad says.
'It was a quick siege.
Captain Wylie replied in a whisper.

Beyond the walls, we begin to hear a commotion.

Then more smoke rises than before.

'Is that a fire, sir?
'Yes. It's probably the commander.
'It's about time.

With a squeak, the service entrance next to the gate opened.

'All right! We're going in!'
Wylie shouts.


Patrick, who had safely secured the entry way, succeeded in letting the 8th Army in through the service entrance.

'All right, we're heading for the Marquis of Raven's mansion! Kick the territorial troops out! The target is the Marquis Raven's family! Let's go!

The territorial soldiers resisted with their spears, but the sparsely deployed territorial soldiers were no match for Patrick and his men, and they were cut down by the 8th Army.

In the evening of the same day, they succeeded in surrounding the Marquis of Raven's residence.

'Surrender immediately. Or we'll come in!
At the recommendation of the 8th Army, the Marquis of Raven,

'Nonsense! We still have 500 men on our side! There are more of them than you! If you don't want to die, get out of town right now! I'll let you off now!
There are certainly more soldiers in the garden of the mansion. Five hundred is a bit low.

'Negotiations have broken down. How can you say that under these circumstances, so let's go... Wylie, Van Pelt, Elvis, are you ready?

'''Of course.'''

Patrick paused to catch his breath,


'' he ordered.

The gate is broken down, and Patrick and his men enter.
Fighting begins all around.

And then..,


 Yuyake koyake no ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

It's a lousy song.

But it's a song that doesn't exist in this world.

The person singing it is Patrick.

Walking behind him, singing, are countless corpses.

The corpses of the Marquess of Raven's army.

It's not just the light of the setting sun that makes Patrick's figure appear red.

Is it an overwhelming slaughter?

He wears a moderate amount of killing energy, and only cuts down those who come at him even when he feels the energy.
He will not deal with a cowardly soldier.
His men will seize them.

Wylie and Van Pelt on either side. Elvis guards the back.

From the gate to the front door of the mansion, it is dyed like a red carpet, and the corpses that have become objects make this space seem like a different place.
But this is reality.

The song continues after kicking down the front door and entering the house.

The yellow carpet inside the mansion is turning red.

The servants were already fainting from the killing.

'Is it here?
He kicked in the most luxurious door.

'Oh, shit!
With the Marquis in dismay,
'Father, you might as well give up now.
The Marquis's son raises his hands to show that he has no intention of resisting.
'You can't give up! It's a death sentence!
'But there's nothing I can do about it!
'If we defeat them!
'You're good enough to defeat that many people. It's impossible...'

'Hmm, does your son understand the situation? If he doesn't resist, I won't cut him down. Keep quiet. And you, old geezer. An old man who helps rebellion without preparation! Choose to die now or later!

Shut up! You're just a kid with a big heart! My grandson is finally in a position to take the throne, what's wrong with supporting him! If you're the family of the King's grandfather, you can become a duke! There's no nobleman who doesn't dream of it!

'No, I've never dreamed of it.

'That's why you're a nobody! You're not a nobleman of long standing.

'No, father, I'm originally from the Rigsby family...'
'Whose side are you on?
'The royal family, I suppose. 'Count Snakes, I'll tell you anything you want to know, but please spare my life!
'Oh, you're betraying me!
'I didn't want to do it in the first place.'

'Well, the Rigsbys are just old blood. Not anymore. Sure, it's a bit of a flop, but it's changed my life from being scared of something to not being scared of something. That's good enough for me... so what?
Patrick says the words with murderous intent.
A red, blood-red, grim reaper's fury.

'We were so close...'
The drooping Marquis Raven's face was pale.

Next to him, the Marquis's son, yellow liquid dripping from his crotch.