153-end of the disturbance

The next day, I leave the Raven territory to take the Ravens to King's Landing.

However, they run into an army of Ravenist nobles, whom House Raven had requested for support.

'Bad luck,' said Patrick.
are Patrick's words.
Was he talking to the 8th Army or to them?

I advised them to surrender, but they didn't listen.

The Eighth Army and the Viper Corps ducked under the rain of archers and charged into the center of the enemy, and even though they must have been tired from the battle with the Raven Territorial Army, they didn't seem to be struggling.
An hour later, the battle was over.

'That was an easy victory,' he said.
'They were weaker than the Raven territory army.
'If it was always like this, I wouldn't be so tired!
These were the thoughts of the soldiers of the 8th Army.

Viscount Hippo's army, which had been devastated, came to support them.

The way back was a bit of a detour, and the Hippo family in the Hippo territory was raining blood, or not.

However, the number of captured nobles increased.

Finally, they reached the capital and went to the royal castle.

'Your Majesty, thank you for your patience. We've captured the Ravens and the Hippos who were trying to help the Ravens.

'Good work! I'll take care of the rest, but for now, please rest.'

'Ha! I'll just show my face to His Highness Thornalith and leave for the day. I'm really tired.

'I'm sorry. Take care of him.


'Your Highness, I'm back.

'Sir Patrick!

'I'm really tired today, so I just came to see you. I'll come back tomorrow.'

'Is that so? I understand! I'll see you tomorrow.
Thorinaris replied with a bit of regret, but with a smile on his face.

'Yes, bye!
After Patrick had left,

'A tired face is good too... oh! I want to kneel on his tired face and nuzzle his head! Then, I want to be sleepily rubbed, and then I want to do this and that...'

'Your Highness! You're leaking your heart out! You need to cut back a bit.'

'Oh, you heard me? Amelia, you shouldn't eavesdrop, okay?
Amelia is the name of my maidservant.
She is probably one of the tallest women in the world. She has long blue hair that reaches down to her waist, and is quite beautiful.

'You're joking that you heard me. Please don't say it as if you were eavesdropping. I can hear you when you say it that loud!
She looks at Thorinaris with blue eyes.
'But wasn't it good? That languid expression! It makes you want to push her over!

'I don't think those are the words of Her Highness.'

'It's fine! I'll be a countess soon!

'You can't even be a countess...'