154-the aftermath of a disturbance

The next day, on the terrace of the king's castle, there was a happy-looking Sonalith in sparkling clothes and a slightly sleepy Patrick.

After that, a storm of purges swept through the kingdom.

First of all, the Bush family was taken away by the army because of Patrick and Sonalice.

The Bush Counts were demolished, and all Bush males over the age of 10 were beheaded. All women and boys under 10 to be commoners.

The Viscount Hunter-Reay family, taken by Abbott and his two armies, was also demolished, and the head of the family was condemned to death and the others to commoner status.

The Newgardeners, who had been holed up in the house, were condemned to death.

The Barons of Pagenaud, taken by Patrick and his men, have been destroyed, the head of the family condemned to death, and Scott left in Patrick's custody. The others are commoners.

All the other noble families on the list have been executed and their houses destroyed.

Anti-royalists were thoroughly investigated, and even the slightest injustice was uncovered, and a fine would be a blessing, or at worst, the house would be shut down, or the nobleman would lose his title, and the seeds of rebellion would be nipped in the bud.

Next, the Marquesses of Raven, who were the leaders of Henry's faction, who rebelled, had their house destroyed. The head of the family was put to death.
His son, who had told him the truth, was downgraded to commoner, but he escaped death.

The rest of the family was reduced to commoners.

Next was the Viscount Hippo family.
Although he was not involved in the rebellion itself, the head of the family was sentenced to death for trying to help the rebels.
The family was downgraded to baron.

As for the soldiers who helped the rebellion, those who were forced to move in the noble's army would be fined.
Some of the soldiers who helped the rebellion in the royal army were condemned to death, while all the others were downgraded to private and fined.

Those who were to be beheaded, such as the heads of noble families, were beheaded at the execution site in the royal capital.

So, what about those who were marked for death?

On another day, there was a public execution for a fee at the execution site in King's Landing. Ten copper coins per person. For 10 coppers a person, about 1,000 yen, you could watch a nobleman being killed.
The Abbott family was in charge of organizing the show.
The publicity was good, and many commoners came to see the show.

However, it is said that all those who came regretted leaving.
The show was like a hell on earth, in which naked former heads of the noble families, their limbs broken and unable to move, were swallowed alive by a giant snake monster.

On this day, Pichan earned the title of cannibal demon.
The Snakes were recognized by the nobility of the kingdom and the inhabitants of the capital as a noble family that used cannibalistic monsters to eat and kill their enemies.

And Scott, his left wrist was tied with a rope, and he was dragged by horse through the royal capital to a certain place, covered with abrasions on every part of his body.

Let me explain the toilet situation in the royal capital.
The noble quarter is equipped with a sewage system. There are no shower toilets, but water is constantly flowing from the river, so what you take out goes down the drain.
What about the commoners' quarter?

It is a pumping station.
Those who are out of work go to a certain place to throw away one to five copper coins by the bucketful.
The place is called a manure dump.
At best, it is a fertilizer production site.
A hole is dug, straw is spread over the manure, and soil is poured over it. The rest of the manure is left to decompose by insects and small animals, but it is functioning.

You may or may not have heard Patrick laughing as he kicked Scott into the hole.

The poor man who brought the bucket in saw the scene and told everyone about it, so Patrick's notoriety spread here as well.

Queen Philia II is under house arrest in a remote part of the castle.
Sophia, the second princess, was also under house arrest in a remote part of the castle.

And Henry,

'Do you have any last words?
To the king's words, Henry said,
'I'm better than you!
That was the last thing he said. As long as he apologized, the king was willing to let him go under house arrest.

'Do it.
The king said quietly.


The sound of the guillotine's blade falling echoed through the air.