155-Patrick's training

'You son of a b*tc*!

'That's what happens when you pull back!
'Geez... you're killing me...'

'Pat, no, Commander Snakes, you're not fast enough, are you? I have a fair amount of power, though.'

'You don't have to tell me Wayne, I'm aware of it. But you're too strong! Are you going to quit being human and become a demon or something?
'You're an idiot. There are others just like me.'

'Seriously... I've made up my mind! I won't fight the strong ones!
'You can't say that on the battlefield!
'On the battlefield, surprise attacks, dark attacks, anything goes!
'Oh, I don't think I can beat you there...'
'So, if you want a fair fight, just run away and let your men do it!

'I feel sorry for my men...'

This was a scene from the joint training of the 8th and 2nd Armies.

Since Lieutenant General Simon is the head of the 2nd Army and the 8th Army, joint training has been held frequently lately.
The main purpose is to raise the level of military strength.
Patrick takes the lead in physical training, while Wayne is responsible for raising the level of individual skills.

In other words, Wayne has become the strongest individual in the 2nd and 8th armies.

It had become a common scene for the two of them to exchange blows while watching the training of their subordinates.

'Okay, let's finish up with a run. Everyone in full gear!
Patrick's voice said,
'Heh, less today, please.'
Wayne's voice was disgusted.

'Oh well. At Wayne's request, speed up and run as fast as you can for three hours!


''Commander~ Someone's probably going to faint...''
Mirko shouted,
''Tell Wayne to complain!
All of them turned their hateful eyes on Wayne,

'I shouldn't have said what I did...'
Wayne sags.