156-black carriage

A coachmaker's master is sweating in front of a nobleman who has come to order.

The infamous Earl of Snakes.

It's rumored that he's a villainous nobleman who preys on anyone he doesn't like, noble or commoner, with his giant snake demons.

And now he's right in front of me.

My back is slick with sweat. I'm sitting in a chair, so he can't tell my legs are shaking! I like to think so!

What nobleman of all people would come to my house!

(What nobleman of all people is coming to my house!) I shouted in my mind, but I couldn't turn away the nobleman who came to my house.

But I can't turn away a nobleman who's come to my house. And he's ordered a carriage to transport a notorious demon.
A carriage dedicated to man-eating snakes.
Wouldn't that make my store look like a villain?
But I'd rather not get eaten by a snake.

I reluctantly accepted the request.


A rancher runs a horse ranch.
It's a historic ranch, and he's even allowed to offer horses to the royal family.

He has a wide variety of horses, both beautiful and fast.
However, today's customer wanted

'Three strong horses!

He said.
Of course we have strong horses.
A merchant's carriage, for example, is loaded to the brim with goods, so a strong horse is preferred over a fast one.

However, it was a nobleman who made this order.
A nobleman would normally order a beautiful horse or a fast horse.

A good-looking horse is suitable for pulling a luxurious carriage.

A fast horse has an advantage in war.

'Is it a strong horse? Regardless of appearance?'
The rancher asked for confirmation.
'Yes, because they carry heavy loads in very large wagons. It's better if the three of you get along well. It's a three-horse cart.

At any rate, since the nobleman was rumored to be scary, I sold him three large horses from the ranch, not fast but powerful.
They were twice the size of ordinary horses.

'If you need them again, please let me know.
He took the money and bowed.


A huge, jet-black carriage.

No extravagant decorations.
Just a certain family crest painted in red.
The crest of the infamous Earls of Snakes.
Two snakes entwined with a dagger.

The carriage is pulled by a huge horse.
Three jet-black horses.
The driver is a newly hired old dwarf.

The carriage is flanked by carriages bearing the royal family crest and guarded by knights on horseback.

The carriage is headed for the forest outside the capital.

Riding inside are Patrick and Sonalice.
And their valets and maids.



It's a picnic for Pichan's meal.

Patrick and Thornaris are leaning against Pichan.
He's in a relaxed mood.

The valets, on the other hand, look pale.
In the same carriage as the man-eating snake.
A normal person would have fainted.

In the forest, Pichan sweeps away the demons and Patrick prepares the BBQ.
'It's a man's home-cooked meal, I hope you like it.
He said, 'I don't know if you like it,' but Sonaris wanted to eat it, so he grilled the meat on iron skewers over charcoal (more expensive than wood, less smoky, and more powerful).
I seasoned the meat with soy sauce.

The smell of burning soy sauce is wonderful.

While Patrick sipped whiskey and chewed the grilled meat from the skewer, Sonaris drank grape water and ate the meat that the maids served.
The people around them are also eating moderately.
The demons to watch out for have been eradicated by Pichan.
I'm not going to drink, though.

Our first outdoor date was thus a great success.