The Earls of Snakes.

The most talked about noble house in the kingdom.

At the residence of the Snakes in the royal capital, a recognition ceremony was being held.

This is the knighthood of the Snakes family.

The knighthood will be applied to the royal family,

Captain John Van Pelt, commander of the Eighth Army's Flying Dragons. (His family is a barony).

Captain Jack Wylie, Captain of the 8th Horse Guards of the Royal Army. (His family is a Viscount.)

Second Lieutenant Milko, second-in-command to Lieutenant Colonel Snakes, 8th Royal Army. (No family name due to his commoner origins, but Patrick made him a second lieutenant when he appointed him as his second-in-command. )

Captain of the Snakes' Viper Squad, Elvis (no family name due to his commoner origins).

Ein, captain of the Snakes Family Dark Serpent Squad (no family name due to his commoner origins)

These five were awarded with daggers bearing the family crest of the Snakes.
It was an excellent dagger from the Abbot's estate.
It was a testament to the knighthood of the Snakes.

After that, he took the five men to the royal castle, paid the nobility application and the knight tax, and the five men were knighted.

On the spot, the five of them filled out the necessary information on the documents.
Their complexions were slightly red.
They are nervous, excited, and a little anxious.
Their faces must be showing this.
A knight-errant or a quarter-baron does not need to apply for a family crest.
This is because they do not have territories and do not have tax documents for their territories.

After completing the application process, he returned to Snakes' residence in the royal capital,

'All right, you are now knights of the House of Snakes. You are now knights of the House of Sneks. For the prosperity of our house and yours, you are to devote yourselves even more. You may wish to take further credit and aspire to become barons. But do not be hasty and fail. Death is the end. Don't make the wrong move!

Patrick's voice made everyone look at him seriously.

'Anyway, we're going to have a party for the birth of the five knights. It's a private party, so let's have fun and drink! Let's all have a glass.

In the party room set up in the hall, the soldiers of the 8th Army and the Snakes' Army had also arrived, waiting for the signal of the toast.

'And now, to the five new knights!
Patrick declared as he raised his cup,


The feast was a joyous one.
Since the Snakes are a family with an abundance of alcohol, many of them got drunk. Those who were drunk were taken out of the hall and taken care of in the dining room, but many of them tried to return to the hall because they were still drinking.
However, many of them tried to go back to the hall because they were still drinking.

Screams could be heard from the entrance hall.

I guess this is also a specialty of the Snakes.