159-Ryan meets Patrick.

I can hear the applause from inside the house.

'Well done, son of the Earl of Abbot. Nice to meet you, Patrick von Snakes. Please make my acquaintance.
This is a man with dark hair, dark eyes, a slender body, and a face that is probably on the neat side, but looks a little twisted in the gut.
Is this the Earl of Snakes?

'Excuse me, Count Abbott's eldest son, Ryan Abbott, Earl of Snakes.
He bows his head hurriedly.
He's younger than me, but he's still the head of the family, so it's the polite thing to do.

So this man who pretends to be normal is the cruel and inhuman Grim Reaper.
I heard the pathetic end of the nobleman who opposed him in the report.
He fed him to a demon. So you fed him to that snake demon!
I heard he put on a show to show it off. He gave all the proceeds to our family. I guess money can't catch 'em all.
Father's a bad man. I've been unable to connect the dots because I've narrowed down the information halfway, but now I've finally connected them.

The Abbotts are good at gathering information, but not so good at military power.
I've been trying to change that, but the troops aren't growing fast enough.
You're going to make up for that with the Snakes.
So an alliance.

It's a house of ill repute, but then again, so is mine.
The Iron Fox was a compliment from a house that was disposed of by information from my family.

Afterwards, we met in the reception room of the Snakes' house, drinking lightly and playing chess.
That's the inventor! I've never won a game.

Whiskey and Inesh, which had led the Snakes' territory to a booming economy.
It's a very tasty brew that is distributed in our lands through trade, and has even caused problems with dwarves buying it up.

'Speaking of which, Conan isn't here today, is he?

Earl Snakes suddenly asked his father.
Conan, our family's foremost information gatherer.
He's a master at getting great information many times before.

But how does Earl Snakes know Conan's name? It's a top-secret matter for our family, and he wouldn't tell us his name just because we're allies.

'He doesn't want to be anywhere near the Snakes, and he's off to the east to investigate.
Father replied that he didn't want to go near the Snakes, although it was true that he wouldn't want to go near that snake demon, but there was no way that man would run away because of that.

What the hell happened to you?

'He hates me so much. I approve of that man's guts. He's endured a round.

Endured a round? What are you talking about?
I look at my father. What the hell are you talking about? And.

'Ryan, Conan's been captured by the Earl of Snakes himself.


And the Earl himself.
Then he interrogated the tight-lipped Conan and dropped him.

The Conan Who Spoke Out of His Mouth⁇

No way...no way...no way...
A voice escaped from my mouth in disbelief.

'Well, our interrogations are unique, and Conan endured quite well, so he's good.
The smile on Count Snakes face was a little frightening.
I'm not sure if it's possible to get Conan to talk.

I'm sure you've heard of it. One of my men is interrogating him right now, would you like to see him?

He asked me.
I was very curious to see how they did it,

'By all means!
I replied.

But my father said,
'I'll pass.
He said.

I asked him, 'Has your father already seen it?

I asked,
He said, 'No, I've only heard about it, but if you want to see it, go ahead.
He said.

I went to see it immediately.

I shouldn't have seen it. ......

Conan, I understand your feelings very much!