160-Ryan the Shock

When I came back to the parlor in a bad mood, I found my father smiling at me.
I know he didn't see it because Conan told him what it was about, but the fact that he was smirking made me angry.

'Father, I think you should see that interrogation, don't you? There's a big difference between hearing and seeing, you know.

I say,

'Ryan, don't be so mad. You're the one who said you wanted to see it.

'Yes, I did, but the look on your face when you came back was a bit...'

'No, you looked unusually pale! I was just amused, forgive me, forgive me. In return, I have something good to report to you.
My father grinned,

'Your engagement has been unofficially arranged.
He dropped a bombshell.

'Father! What did you just say? And why now? Even if we're in an alliance, it's not something to discuss with another family. I'm not going to marry anyone I don't have my heart set on!
I'm not going to marry anyone but the one I've made up my mind to.

'Now, now, Sir Ryan, calm down, calm down.

Count Snakes said, but his expression was a little strange.
It's like he's trying to bite back a laugh...

'Ryan, His Majesty approves of your affair with His Highness Prince Crozier!


'What? I think I misheard you a little. I thought I heard you say that His Majesty approved of my engagement to His Highness Prince Crozier.

'Yes, that's what you said.

'Yes, I did say that...'

'Eeeeetsz ministry!
I shouted.

'No, there were many problems, such as the balance between the various factions, the power relationship between the nobles, and the moderate distance between us!

Yes, my father had refused me before.

As for the faction problem, the anti-royalist faction has been almost completely destroyed, and the Marquis Raven faction of the Second Prince faction has fallen, leaving only the royalist faction and the neutral faction.
His Majesty says he will reward the Royalists.
In terms of power, with Westin, Raven, and the Marquesses diminished, His Majesty says he'll consider balancing the power a bit.
The right distance depends on the distance around you.
The kingdom has taken in the mountain tribes of the north.
Then we must be flexible in dealing with that change.
To prepare for this, we will increase the influence of our house.
We must also keep pace with our allies, the Snakes! Do you have any questions?
My father asks.

I understand what he's saying.

I'm upset, and Count Snakes says,

'Congratulations, my future brother-in-law.
Congratulations, future brother-in-law.