161-Ain's job

Baron house stein.

They are the last of the anti-royal faction.

But now, it's like a dying light or a sinking ship. The anti-royalist faction has been fueled by the outbursts of some anti-royalists, and the entire anti-royalist faction has been thoroughly investigated and punished for even minor irregularities, leaving only a few anti-royalist families left.

There are only a few anti-Royalist families left. Some families are trying to get back on the Royalists' good side, but Baron Stein is not willing to do so, and has taken a different approach.

He grabbed the wrongdoings of the Snakes, the family at the center of the current turmoil, and used them to threaten them into interceding with the royal family.

'He must have bribed the royal family to get such a fast promotion. He must have evaded taxes to prepare the bribe!
That's what the small, fat, bald-headed Baron Stein said.
He is a typical example of a fool who makes assumptions and acts on them.

And so, he decides to infiltrate the Snakes' household with an interloper.
You'll be able to find out more about him here.


'So this is the house of Snakes, rumored to be a magical place...'
Two spies hired by Baron Stein were secretly observing the Snakes' house.
'I've heard that the estate has more soldiers and is more strict, so it's probably better to stay here, but this one is heavily guarded.
The other man replied.
'It seems that those who infiltrated the territory were caught and sent to debt slavery.
'It's sweet of the Snakes not to be criminal slaves.
'Maybe they don't want to be resented, even if they're called the Grim Reaper, they're still noblemen, they're not like us.

When the sun was setting and the two moons were shining down on the world from above, the interloper jumped over the wall of the Snakes' house.

He runs noiselessly through the yard, stalks the house, inserts a wire into the keyhole of the door, and begins to jiggle it.

He heard a loud clunk,
'Yes! That's my buddy!
'Come on, buddy. Now let's sneak in.'

'Yes, that's enough. If you don't resist, I'll guarantee your life.'
Ein, the captain of the Dark Serpent Squad, called out.

Behind the two spies was a line of soldiers from the Snakes. They have already drawn their swords.


Patrick said.

'Yes, my employer is Baron Stein, who is paranoid that my husband is evading taxes, and was planning to get proof and extort a connection to the royal family.
Ein reported the information he had gleaned.

'Stein, I believe...'

'Yes, he's my former employer. That family was part of the anti-royal faction, so they must be desperate to survive.

'Did he make any moves?

'No, it was a petty house that only complained from a safe distance, so I don't think they did anything worthy of being punished. At most, he would cheat on his coins.''

'For that matter, you've let a burglar into my house twice, are you really not happy with my house?

'He hates rich people.'

'A little jealousy, that's fine. Ein, do you think he'll still come?

'He'll probably come at least once more.

'If he comes again, I'll give him some practical training. I've only seen him today.

'I'm afraid he'll refuse. He looked pretty pale.

'It's pretty fun, though.

'I thought that was only for you, my lord.

'Is that so? Well, where's Stein territory?

'It's four small villages deep in the old Raven territory.

'East... where's your family?

'Probably the estate.

'Work with Elvis to get the head of the family and his family.'