162-Baron Stein

Ein is heading east with a few of his men and a squad of vipers led by Elvis.
He intends to take out the family first.

Unbeknownst to him, Baron Stein is annoyed that the spies haven't returned.
'He's not coming back yet?

The butler heard Stein's voice,
'Yes, I think it would be best for you not to be involved with that house anymore. I think it would be wise for our family to bow to the royalists.

'You can't do that at this time! If we don't, we'll be downgraded to a quasi-baron or knight! How many houses do you think have been dropped? I have to defend my baronetcy at least!

'His Majesty is not ruthless, if we bow down to him quietly, won't he maintain his position as a baron?

'Even if the matter at the estate is discovered?

'Why don't you tell your wife to stop before she finds out?

'It's the only thing he enjoys, there's no way he'll stop.

'It's better that it's only inside the mansion.

'I've told him not to go outside.

'Well, by the way, don't you have to go to the Snakes' house, or any other house?

'The only way for a young boy like him to get ahead is to bribe! Then all we have to do is get proof of the corruption. If we threaten him with it, the Snakes will be at his mercy! It's the only way!


Two days later

Ein arrived at the Stein estate and split into several groups to investigate.
He knows the location of Baron Stein's mansion and how to get in. After all, he is his former employer.

After a full day of investigating the four villages, we learned one thing.

'There's an unusual lack of goblins. I would expect to see a few goblins in a mountainous area like this.
Elvis responded to Ein's words,
'I don't know if it's because the territorial soldiers are good or the adventurers are good, but there certainly weren't any. Now, how do we get House Stein's men? Kidnap them?

Ein answered Elvis' question,

'As a last resort, why don't we just say that I'm the Baron's messenger and take him out?

'Doesn't the manor know you've been captured?'
Elvis asks with a smirk on his face.

'Oh, I don't know if they know.

'No, I don't think so.

'Then kidnap me!


Ein approaches the gatekeeper with a smile on his face. He knows him.
'Hey, Rick! Long time no see.'
The gatekeeper, called Rick,
'Ain't you! I heard you were sold into slavery. Did you run away?'

(Oh, I knew you heard that.)
With that in mind, Ein punched the gatekeeper of Baron Stein's mansion in the jaw from below, with or without a fight.
When the gatekeeper blew up and fainted, he opened the gate and headed for the mansion.
He opened the door and stepped into the mansion and started running with Ein in the lead.
The goal is Baroness Stein's room.
The servants become suspicious of the sound of his running and come out of the room, but he neutralizes them by punching and kicking them.

You kick the door of the room you're aiming for and step in.

Ein's voice leaked out.

'Who are you? Oh, I think you're one of our spies...'
The ugly and fat baroness is saying something, but Ein and Elvis can't hear her.
The scene in front of them was too bizarre.

There's a creature that looks like a child walking on all fours.
Only its face is clearly not human.
'Goblin ......'
'Oh, but that's just...'

It is on all fours, a collar with a chain around its neck, and all of its teeth have been pulled out to protect it from bites.
The two things that should be between her legs are gone, and all that's left are her stick-like genitals.
And the wife straddling the goblin.
If it were a small child, it could be called riding a horse... but I guess not.

'Hey, the lord said to go get it, but is it good if it's alive?
'Ein, don't tell everyone. I feel the same way. Even for a goblin, this is...'
'Do you have any potions?
'Yeah, I've got a few.
'What about the goblins?
'We'll just kill them.

That day, Baron Stein's house was filled with goblin corpses, and the head of the family disappeared. Many of the servants were too frightened to speak, as if something had been done to them.

'This isn't an abduction.
Someone muttered.