The next day, Baron Stein's soldiers line up in front of the Snakes' mansion.
When the gatekeeper of the Snakes' mansion opens the gates, they troop inside.

(Poor thing.)

The gatekeeper thinks to himself.
Patrick looks down from a window on the second floor of the mansion.

The door of the mansion is opened and Patrick and five knights come out from inside.
'Welcome to my house, Snakes. I've prepared the best present for Baron Stein, and I hope you'll accept it. Hey, bring me that.'

Ein was ordered to leave, but he came back as soon as he left.
It was

'What the hell is that?
Baron Stein's soldiers shouted.

It was a fat man on all fours, with a headband over his head. Ein straddles his back and whips him to make him walk.
He can be heard grunting and groaning.

'It's an unusual vehicle I found in a certain place! I was wondering if Baron Stein's wife would like it. I've heard that she likes this kind of thing.
Baron Stein's face turned pale at Patrick's words.

(Why? ! How does he know about my wife's hobby? Where did it come from⁉︎ And in front of the soldiers!

'I don't know what you're talking about. My wife wouldn't want this. It's just bad taste.
Baron Stein manages to squeeze out a few words.

'Oh? Is that so? It's in bad taste. I thought Baron Stein was your favorite. Hey, get him his headband.

Ain took the sack from him while he was on his back.

'Geez! Squeak, squeak, squeak!

'See? Isn't that your favorite?'

There was Baroness Stein's face.

'What have you done to my wife? All of you, out! Cut them loose!

'Oh, dear, are you sure you want to say that? You don't even know where your son is. Hmph.'

A wicked smile on Patrick's face,

'Hey, you! Where'd you take my son⁉︎ You snuck into the estate!
'Well, what do you mean?

'Yes, I don't care. If I can get the servants to confess later, I'll know where my son is! Cut him! Cut him!

About 40 soldiers ran towards Patrick at once,

'That's not how it works, is it?
Wylie said, 'Well...'
Van Pelt,
'You think you can get past us?
Elvis says.

Ayn says,
'What should we do with the horse, Baron? Do you want me to kill him?
' provokes Baron Stein.

'You're a traitor!
Baron Stein rushes toward Ein.

Baron Stein, who is running at him like a boar, suddenly collapses.
' he shouts.

The left leg of Baron Stein is missing from the knee down.

The area around him turns bright red as he rolls around in a pool of blood.

'What's this?
A man's foot grabbed by Patrick's left hand.

'Give it back!
Baron Stein shouts,
'It won't stick if I give it back. Then, pop it!
Patrick throws it away.

All was quiet.

Baron Stein's troops were silenced by three of them, lying everywhere.

'Do you want a potion?
Patrick shakes the potion in the vial and shows it to Baron Stein.

'd*mn it, kill him! Even if you save yourself now, you'll be killed by the royal family later!

'I don't need the old man's stick!

'My lord? What's a 'kukoro'?
Mirko asks.

'Oh, it's nothing. Don't worry about it.

'Well, that's fine, but what do we do about Baron Stein?

'Sprinkle the potion on the affected area and tie him up.

''Yes, sir.''

Mirko walks towards Baron Stein.

In his hand, he has the potion he received from Patrick.