165-Patrick, you're in trouble.

A large carriage leaves the Earl of Snakes residence.
Black body with a red family crest.
No Pee-chan in the carriage this time.

In front of the large carriage is Patrick's red carriage.
It has a red body with a black family crest, the exact opposite of the large carriage.
Whose request this is, I will not tell here.


Meanwhile, at the Royal Castle, the King received a report from the Investigation Department.

'What! Baroness Stein?'

'Yes, they seem to have been messing around with the Snakes' family, and today, they came to the Snakes' mansion in large numbers. After that, I heard the sound of fighting and rushed back to report. Judging from the quality of the troops, the victory of the Snakes will be unassailable.

'Prime Minister, it was a waste of time to leave the Stein Barons behind...'

''Yes, I left it for His Highness MacLean's first job, but there's nothing I can do about it now. Count Snakes will destroy it without mercy...'

'Yes, I can't imagine him showing any mercy to an enemy who stands in his way...'

'Let's find another job for His Highness McClane.

'That's the only way, but I'll have to say something to Patrick. I'll call him soon.'

'Yes, sir...'

An hour later, Patrick and the others arrived at the royal castle and requested an audience.

asked the mental king.

'Yes, Your Majesty. The persistent trespassing of the house by Baron Stein's family has been annoying and interfering with my duties, so I've decided to take countermeasures. I also have evidence of the unjust breeding of demons in the estate and some tax evasion. I've also taken into custody the Baron and his wife, their son, and the soldiers who unjustly broke into my home. Take care of them.

'Didn't I just say I was annoyed?

'No, no, not at all!

'Bullshit! Patrick, I'm not saying don't destroy the nobility, but say something before you do. You've gone to a lot of trouble to keep the Stein barons in the dark, and now you've blown it.''
To the king's words,

(The king's words made Patrick panic.) Patrick panicked.
'Oh, you were letting him swim? I'm sorry about that. I'll take care of it later!
He bowed deeply.

'Well, where are Baron Stein's men now?

'They're in a carriage in the courtyard of the royal castle. They're still in the carriage.
At Patrick's words, the king called to his bodyguard at his side.
'Then bring him to me.
He ordered.
The Kingsguard replied shortly and left.


This was the king's first words upon seeing Baron Stein's family.

Baron Stein was missing his left leg from the knee down, and could not walk properly.
The Baroness's eyes were vacant with agitation, and she was missing a tooth, as if she had been beaten.

There is nothing wrong with the eldest son's body, but he is terribly frightened and trembling.

'Patrick... you've gone too far...'

'Is that so? The lady was playing with the goblins like this, so I gave them the same treatment to see if this was a hobby of hers, but the Baron didn't seem to like it. But the Baron didn't seem to like it. His son, who was watching the process, didn't say anything and just trembled from then on. Well, what can I say?
Patrick speaks aloofly.

'Is Stein the only one here who can talk?

'Yes, sir. And the Baroness has no teeth.'

'What do you have to say for yourself, Stein?

'Your Majesty, it is true that my family has evaded some taxes. We will be punished for that. But I don't appreciate this punishment for sniping at the Snakes and mistreating goblins. My son is terrified! I will accept the revocation of his baronetcy! But I can't accept that he's persecuting us unjustly!

'Well, you have a point, then I will revoke your baronetcy for tax evasion. The remainder of the family's property, after deduction of additional taxes, shall be the property of the Stein family. The Stein family will not be prosecuted for the improper keeping and abuse of goblins. The royal family will not interfere in disputes between the Stein family and the Earls of Snakes, who have become commoners, and the Stein family will be given permission to attack the Earls of Snakes. However, please do not cause any damage to the capital or other territories. You may retaliate without regard to punishment! That's all!

(Huh? Isn't that awful? Are we going to be attacked?)
Patrick and ,

(I'm sure there's still houses out there that don't take kindly to Snakes. I'll show you!)
Stein thinks.

The Stein family was transported by military wagon to the mansion, where the tax collector confiscated the additional tax.

Patrick, who remained in the castle, was told by the mental king,
'It's punishment for overdoing it, get over it.
He was told with a laugh.