Patrick leaves the audience chamber and heads straight for Saanaris.

'Good day to you, Your Highness.

'Sir Patrick, is there a dispute? The maids are making a lot of noise.

'Yes, it's a dispute. I got tangled up with another family. When I retaliated, His Majesty got angry, and it seems that they are going to attack us now, so I'm thinking about how to retaliate.

'What? Your father? Are you going to be attacked? Tell me more about that!


'That's why...'

'I see. So you've crushed the nobleman that you were letting go. Then it can't be helped, can it? So, if you're going to attack me, please use the armor to show it off and check its operation.''

'Now that it's finished?

'Yes, the other day.'

And the armor is brought in from nowhere.

A voice leaks out of Patrick's mouth.

There is bright red leather armor.
The boots are red with silver rivets, and at the waist is a red belt with silver trim, reminiscent of snake scales.

On both shoulders are metal or silver? On both shoulders are snake heads that seem to be made of metal or silver.
It sits on top of the red leather armor, and a fine woven chain reminiscent of a snake's body extends from the head, crawling over the leather armor, crossing at the back of the neck, then crossing again at the chest and going around the back.

The baskets on the left arm are also colored green with a snake-like metal motif, probably made of steel.

The basket in his right hand is probably made of two layers of leather, with metal sandwiched in between, and the crest of the Snakes is raised and decorated with rivets.

The crowning touch is the helmet on the head.

'Is this based on a human skull? Why?'

Yes, it's a silvery skull mask.

'The image of the Grim Reaper is a skull, right?

'Well, yes...'

'Come on! Please try it on.

I couldn't say no, and remembered what the queen had said to me before.

(No wonder she asked me if I was insane.)

I gave up and tried it on.
On top of the black military uniform, red leather armor, two silver snakes on each shoulder and one green snake on each arm.
A silvery skull on the head.

When I put it on, it's much lighter than I thought it would be.
'It's so light, isn't it? I thought it was silver or iron?'

'Oh, that's because the head of the silver snake is made of light silver with silver on top. '

(Light silver is, I think, something like aluminum?)
Patrick thought as he listened to the rest.

'For the body of the snake, I braided a light silver chain, a copper chain, and an iron chain to make a pattern. The snakes on the arms are made of iron so that they can be used as shields, but I've hollowed them out a bit to keep the weight down!'

'I see!

'It's perfect! It looks really good on you! Ah! It was worth all the trouble!
Sonaris is excited, and Patrick is standing still.

From a short distance away, I hear the sigh of Amelia, the maid of honor.