167-Can you hit the stake?

Patrick returns to the mansion and tells the servants and the knights the details of what happened.
Astraea asks, 'My lord, do you wish to increase the security of the mansion?
'No, I'm not going to do it here. The guards will remain as they are. If necessary, push Pichan to the front. Ein, call the Dark Serpent Squad! Elvis, send in the viper squad for Type 1. We may have to use the thing! Wylie, Van Pelt and Mirko are setting up camp!

''''' camping? '''''

'Yeah, let's have some fun in the woods.'
Patrick had a flash of inspiration.

Then there was a visitor at the house.

'My lord, Lord Ryan is here.'
'Hmm? All right, send him in.

The door crashed open to reveal Ryan.
'Earl Snakes, I've heard about you... or rather, it's spread throughout the nobility. What are you going to do about it? If you want, I can lend you my men.
Ryan's face was very serious.

'Hey, Mister Ryan, has it already spread? Your Majesty's a bad person.

'No, it was Stein who spread it. He's telling the neutrals that it's a chance to hit the Snakes, the bumps on the head. He's also recruiting people in the slums, saying, 'Here's your chance to kill a nobleman with impunity, and a gold coin for every one you kill.

'Wow, you're a scumbag with some wits about you. Then let's put up a sign before the house gets crowded!

'What are you going to do?

'Well, a lot of things, but, uh, do you want to come with me? Ryan, you've got the skills and can protect yourself, right? I think it would be fun!

'I can at least protect myself, but where are we going?

'We're going camping in the woods!

'Camping ⁇'

Food was hurriedly brought into the house of the Snakes, and each member packed it into a large backpack, and several carriages left the house. They were headed for the forest outside of the capital.


Stein sold the mansion, bought a small house in the common district, told his wife and son to live there, and left most of the money he had raised.

He left his home, leaving behind most of the money he had raised. He walked with a cane, his face painful, but his face was full of vengeance.

He visits the houses he has known and proposes an anti-Snakes alliance.
As the Stein family, they have been given permission to attack with impunity, and in order to take full advantage of this, they have been hired by the Stein family to work together to crush the Snakes.

The stakes are high, even among the nobility.

There are many nobles who do not take kindly to the sudden appearance of the Snakes.
Those closest to the king are not so sure, but the families whose spies were destroyed by Patrick are especially so.

And there were a certain number of nobles who accepted Stein's invitation.

When a large number of soldiers rushed in front of the Snakes' mansion, there was a sign in front of the mansion.


Patrick Von Snakes is in the forest outside of King's Landing. Can some idiot find him?

I'll give you a gold coin if you find him.

Provided you make it back without getting killed.

If you're not confident in your skills, leave.

Go home if you're not ready to die.

Leave if you have a family.
If they attack, we'll assume they've given their consent, and we'll attack them too.

Stein, I already know where your family is, okay?

I already know where your family is.

That's what it said.