168-in someone's mansion

Now, the reaction of those who saw the sign was divided into two.

Those who immediately headed for the woods, Stein included.

On the other side were those who ignored the sign and tried to open the gate and enter the Snakes' house.

After those heading for the forest have left, someone pushes the gate.
The gate moves quickly.

'Hey, it's not locked! The soldiers are in the forest anyway, and if we go into the house, we can search the house all we want! If you have a maid for a servant, you can have fun!

Oh! You're so smart! It's a nobleman's mansion, it must be full of treasures! You'll make more money with this than with a single gold coin!

Men with dirty clothes and rusty swords, probably hired hands from the slums, argue with each other.

Behind them, a man dressed like a nobleman and his soldiers,

'After they've ransacked the place, we'll have no loot left, what should we do?

'No, we can just kill them too, no problem. There might be a few soldiers left, and we can use them as meat shields.

'As expected! You're very clever.

'Don't praise me so. Now, let's follow them in.

And we start walking.

The front door was unlocked, as was the gate.
The door opens noiselessly.
The slum dwellers and the nobles all rush in at once.
As soon as they did, the door slammed shut.

And right in front of them was the one we all know and love...

'Ouch! It's a demon!
'Hey! The door's stuck! It wasn't locked!
Open the door now! The demons are coming!

In the midst of all these words, there was a sound that cut through the air.
That sound was followed by..,




The sound of people screaming in agony, and the sound of a person being blown away and hitting something.

'Hey! I didn't hear that demon was in the entrance hall! Isn't he keeping it in another hut? That kid's out of his mind⁉︎ Hey! Kill it! Break down the door! You'll die!

The order was given, but the soldiers were all focused on the door.
No one wants to fight a man-eating demon.

'What the hell is this door made of? It doesn't even budge!
'Just break it down! The snakes are coming!
'Come on!

These people don't know.
They don't know that the front door of the Snakes' mansion is an expensive magical artifact.
It's made of thick metal and doesn't have any hinges. Anyone can open it from the outside, but only a registered user can open it from the inside.
It can be locked so that it cannot be opened from the outside.

The nobles and soldiers shouting at each other had better watch their backs.
They were already there.


Pichan tightened up the bundle of people in an instant.

All that was left were bruised slum dwellers all over the walls and broken aristocrats in front of the front door.

And the head of the noble family, who became confused and lost his mind when he saw them.

'My goodness, what a mess we've made... it's hard to clean. I'll send you the bill, nobleman.

Astria's voice echoed quietly.