170-In the Forest 2

I, Ryan Abbott, am in the woods.

I'm in the woods because I was abducted, or rather forced to be brought there, by Count Snakes.
Count Snakes and his men have built a makeshift fort near the center of the forest.
It's just a simple fence.
Count Snakes was dressed in a way that was difficult to understand.
The black military uniform was fine, but the red leather armor?
It's like he's asking to be discovered.
A silver snake motif.
You'd put that on your armor just because you're the Snakes?

They still have the skull helmet.

'Okay, that's about it. Then let's eat. We've already hunted two orcs!

Count Snakes's happy voice made the people around him seem happy as well.
'Count Snakes, don't you have a sense of danger that your life is being threatened?
I asked Count Snakes in a dumbfounded voice,
'Sir Ryan, there's no way we're going to lose to that scum, we've set a lot of traps on the way here, and even if we make it this far, there are vipers and dark snakes, so we'll be fine. I'll order everyone to eat first.

Count Snakes' mouth smiled falsely as he said this.

Count Snakes hurriedly started cooking.
I'm not convinced that he's adjusting the fire or using the knife very well.
Just look at that whole roast that looks like a person,
But when I saw a whole roasted oak that looked like a person's, I thought, 'Doesn't that look too bad?

That's my simple impression,
'What? Doesn't it look delicious! What do you think? Guys?'
Count Snakes replied,

'Yes! I'm drooling!
'I can't get enough of the fat dripping down!
'That's because Lord Ryan doesn't know how good it is yet! Your seasoning is the best!
'It's a pity the guy who was supposed to ambush us on the way here couldn't eat it fresh. Well, it's good even when it's cold, but not as good as freshly made.'
'That's true!
the knights and soldiers say to me.

I shaved off the burnt outside, put it in a bun, spread some sauce on it, and the Earl of Sneaks' special hamburger was complete.
Everyone takes it in turn.
I took one too and bit into it with all my might.

'Oh, it's delicious! What is this! The sweet and spicy flavor is indescribable! What's that tasty sauce made of? I've never had it before!
I shouted in surprise.

'What do you think?  It's called the lord's special teriyaki hamburger modoki! It's delicious!
A nearby soldier bragged about it as if it were his own.
But it was indeed delicious!
I devoured my portion in no time at all.

The outside has been scraped off, but the center is still roasting.
'It has a different flavor from the outside, so wait a little longer.
Count Snakes, with an innocent look on his face, sprinkled something on the meat around the bone.

'This time, it's called spicy spare ribs. The meat around the bone is delicious! I used to throw away the meat around the bones until the lord told me. I was wasting my time.

Around the bone⁉︎ I've never even eaten that.

It was also delicious.

After that, we had diaphragm soup. I've never had that before.
This was also the first time I had tasted this soup, and although it was meat, it had a slightly different texture.
He said it was called dongjil.

Satisfied with our first taste, we slept in the tent that day.
Ah, fun camping!

But that's not it!
What kind of camp is it where the person whose life is threatened makes the food?