171-Three in the forest.

When everyone has fallen asleep, Patrick makes his move.

In the pitch-black darkness, Patrick's eyes clearly see a bonfire. After meeting up with the viper squad that had been waiting in ambush and hearing their progress report, he tells them to return to the fort.
'I made some teriyaki burgers and left them for you, so you can eat them when you get back.
'Yes! Even when it's cold, there's a big difference between that and our kaka's!
'Hey, you're talking too loud.
'Oops, sorry.
'Well then, my lord, I'm going back!
'Be careful.

When the soldiers returned, Patrick said,


Patrick muttered quietly.
He walks through the enemy soldiers as if he were walking through a city.

In Patrick's right hand is a bucket.
The water in the bucket reflects the fire, and Patrick pours the water from the bucket over the fire.

The fire goes out with a sizzling sound.

A world of blackness.

But in Patrick's eyes, he can see the people around him.
No, he can see the temperature of the people around him.

One by one, he cuts down the screaming soldiers.
He cuts their throats calmly and coolly.
You don't want them to survive, but you do want them to die with pain and regret.

Who did you fight against?
Whose life did he want?

After cutting down all the soldiers, Patrick mutters.

'Go ask the real Reaper in the afterlife. Was Patrick the Grim Reaper? And so on.'

After that, Patrick returned and slept soundly, and served breakfast as soon as the sun rose.
Offal soup and bread.


'All right, then, here's the plan. The Viper Squad will cooperate with the Dark Serpent Squad, or rather, teach the Viper Squad's covert techniques to the Dark Serpent Squad in battle. Then the Viper Squad can absorb it, and when they mess up in reconnaissance, they can run to the woods and use cloaking techniques to increase their chances of survival. You see, the Viper and the Dark Serpent are both members of the House of Sneaks. Cooperate and trust each other in your operations! And each of you knights must set the example! Ein, go learn from Elvis.
Wylie, Van Pelt, and Mirko will learn the same things they learned in the 8th Army, the only difference is the use of poison, go with Elvis.
'So who's going to guard the palace then?
'I'll ask Ryan.
Ryan immediately said, 'Yes, sir.

'All right, let's move!
Patrick was answering Ryan's question as everyone started to move.

'What's the poison?

'The poison of Pichan.'

'What kind of poison?

'It's called a neurotoxin.

'What are the symptoms?

'Well, to put it simply, your muscles will stop moving, you'll have trouble breathing, or your heart will stop beating.

'How much of it will kill a person?

'If you put it on a needle and stick it in, a few minutes later.

'Isn't it poisonous?

'Yes, it is.

'When and by whom did you test it?

'Against a bandit who snuck into the house.

'What about the corpse?

'In Pichan's stomach.'

'What if the soldiers use it by mistake?

'Elvis is keeping it under tight control.

'What if they come into contact with the poisonous needles in battle?

'To prevent that from happening, I thought I'd use it in an easy fight to get them used to it.

'Actual battle practice...'

'I guess I didn't pick the right fight, huh?

'In this situation, you can camp out and have fun and laugh, is your heart some kind of magic tool?

'I think not, but I've never checked.

'I'm starting to feel sorry for them.

'What⁉︎ Isn't that too much?

'If that's what you think, why don't you make a little face of anxiety?

'There's no way I can make an anxious face, since I'm not anxious or anything.

'I still feel sorry for the other person...'
Ryan said as he spat.