172-4 in the forest

In the forest, Elvis explains to the four men.
He shows them a vial containing only about four milliliters,
'One of these vials is poisonous enough to kill over a hundred people. It is the poison of Pichan-sama, the servant of the lord. All you have to do is apply it to the tip of this tiny needle, stick it in, and in a few minutes you'll be on your way to the other side. So when you use it, don't stick the needle in yourself! If it gets on your skin, wash it off immediately and you'll be fine. But if it gets inside you, it's over. You'll die if you drink it!

The four listened intently to Elvis' explanation of the poison.

'How many stings do I have to make?
Wylie asks.

'Just a scratch with a needle will kill you.

'That much⁉︎'

'Yeah, I tried it on a bandit, but the area swelled up, and then he held his throat and flailed around and died.

'As expected of Pichan-sama.
Van Pelt muttered.

'What happens if it gets on your skin and you don't wash it off?
Mirko asks,

'It'll be like a burn wound. Even the potion left a scar that didn't completely disappear.
I replied,

'That's amazing...'
Ein leaks his voice.

'Normally, I manage it, but when permission is given to use it in battle, a small amount is distributed to each viper unit.
This vial contains about a quarter of it. And it seems that Pichan-sama's venom is weak against air, and once the lid is opened, it becomes harmless within two days. So don't worry, the troops won't be able to hoard it. It's already opened when you hand it out.

'''' I see! ''''

'By the way, do you want to know what happens if Pichan-sama bites you directly?

'Yes, just in case...'

'Instant death in a second.'

'I suppose...'

'So, when it comes to using it in battle, if you can stick a needle into the opponent, you can use it, but usually you can't, right? So, one thing you can do is to apply it to the arrowhead.
The poison is a little sticky, so it won't scatter even if you fly it with an arrow. The next is to apply it to the sword. Be careful not to let the sword touch your skin in battle, and wash it carefully after use before sheathing it. It will be non-toxic, but just in case.

'''' Copy ''''

'So, I guess I'll teach Ein how the 8th Army and the Viper Squad were trained by the lord. Just be prepared for that, okay?'
Elvis' words were met by Ein's,
'It's still tough, isn't it?
Ein asked,
'You're a lord.
Elvis replied,
'How can you not be strict?
Wylie said,
'We were in another unit, and at first we thought it was hell on earth.
Van Pelt looks away.

'Even I, who've been with you for so long, thought it was hell.
Mirko added.

The five Knights of the Snakes began hunting in the forest together and training their companions.

The viper-dark snake duo scattered throughout the forest also seemed to have begun practicing their poisoning and hiding techniques.

After that, moaning and lamenting voices echoed in the forest, and adventurers who were near the forest heard the voices and told others about it, so the forest came to be called the Forest of Lamentations.

The heads of the noble families were captured near the entrance of the forest by the Snakes Knight without using any poison.
Well, they were not in perfect health.

And Stein..,
'Mister Stein, why don't you give up now?
To Ein's words,
'Shut up! You're a traitor!

'If you'd told him you were one of us, I'm sure my lord wouldn't have treated your house so badly. Like the Earls of Abbot. I was abandoned by you and taken in by the manor. If you ask me, you're the traitor.

'If you're a spy, you're a traitor when you tell me about your employer!

'Well, then, let's give him a taste of the master's own medicine.

The one-legged Stein was no match for him, and he was immediately taken into custody.
And ......

The Snakes' interrogation begins on the spot.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to do with your time.

There's nothing to be heard from Stein, who is crying out for them to stop, so it's a full course round.

Ein's face is said to have a slight smile on it.

The next day, after returning from the forest, Patrick and his men took control of the captured noblemen's mansions in the capital, and set off for the mansions in the territories, which they also took control of in a few days. The families in the estates were taken to the capital, all those over 13 years old were beheaded, and children under 12 years old were sold as debt slaves.
The same measures were taken against the commoner Stein family.

Before selling them to the slavers, Patrick reportedly said to them.

'If you want revenge, come to me at any time. I'll do everything in my power to avenge you!

With full throttle.