174-request for improvement

Patrick is on his way to meet with Thornalis.
Mirko is next to him. He's carrying a large pack.

'Thorinaris, about the armor...'

Patrick starts without even saying hello.

'Is there a problem?
Thorinaris asks back, sipping his tea.

'No, I thought there was no problem since it didn't impede my movement, Mirko, show your armor to His Highness.

'Yes, Your Highness. Your Highness, this way.

Mirko unpacked.


'Wow... the chains are rusty...'
Thorinaris muttered.

'Yes, it seems that the blood and the dampness of the forest were not good for the iron chain, and it rusted very quickly. Perhaps I should have washed it off with water, but...'
Patrick said apologetically,

'No, there's no time for washing on the battlefield, is there? Blood spatter was completely unexpected. I'll choose a new material. Is there anything else?

'It's a helmet, but can't you make it so that the face part opens up? It's too much trouble to take it off every time I need to rehydrate...'

'I see! I guess there are things you can't understand until you try it. I understand! It's better to keep the bottle in the same state when you open it, right? It's easier to drink. So, I'd like to add a lock function, but I don't want it to look awkward when opened, so what should the motif be? Hmmm... but would that make it thicker? But I don't want it to be too heavy, so...'

Patrick thought he might have said the wrong thing when Saounaris came up with the idea.
But there's more.

'Also, about the boots, can you reinforce the toes with metal? It would be good for kicking the enemy.'

'Oh, that's possible! Would you prefer the metal to be visible? I can hide it, though.
He pondered for a moment and then said,

I thought about it for a while and then said, 'Well, I'll hide it.
I said.

'All right! I'm starting to get an idea of what you're talking about. I'll keep the armor set for now! Maybe I'll make some weapons while I'm at it! Patrick-sama's main weapons are sword machetes, swords and knives, right? Oh, I guess I'll need a spear too! Maybe I'll make a place for shuriken too! I'm having fun!

Patrick didn't know how to face the excited Thorinaris.

Perhaps Patrick was so busy with Thorinaris that he didn't notice Mirko and Amelia, Thorinaris's maid of honor, happily drinking tea in the back.