175-List of meritorious persons in progress

While Patrick was discussing the armor with Thornaris, the King was discussing it with Prime Minister Bendrick, General Andretti, Lieutenant General Simon, and Lieutenant General Ganash.

'So, that's it for the men in the North. Now, about the rebellion, who stands out?'

The King asked,

'Your Majesty, may I have a word with you first?
General Andretti interrupted him.

'What is it?'
The King asked,

'I would like to resign from the position of General, taking responsibility for the recent mutiny, the betrayal of the Commander of the Kingsguard, and various other matters.
General Andretti says.
I'll take responsibility for the mismanagement of my men.

'No, I can't just let a man of your stature quit. Quitting isn't the only way to take responsibility! You have to have people you trust working for you.
The king had a point.

'But what do you want me to do then? If we don't get rid of them, we won't be able to show them to the people below!

'Hmm, here's what I'll do. Andretti.

'Yes, sir...'

'As Commander in Chief, I order you to... You are to be demoted two ranks to Major General! and Commander of the Kingsguard! You may not be able to recreate the legend of the warrior gods, but you can still move, can't you?

''Your Majesty! It's true that you're still as good as the young ones, but that won't help the youngsters grow up!

'Andretti, the next Commander of the Kingsguard will be trained and appointed by you. Andretti, you will train and appoint the next Commander of the Kingsguard who will swear to protect the kingdom and the country!

Andretti's voice trailed off.

'Then, Simon, take the vacant general position. He'll be in charge of the first army and the Kingsguard.'

'Yes, sir! Yes, sir!

'Ganash, you'll continue with the third army.'

'Yes, sir.

'Your Majesty, what do you intend to do with the second army?'
The King smirked at Simon's question.

'Who's training the second army now?

Simon asks,
'Oh, you don't think?

'Your son-in-law would be fine, but he's a bit inexperienced in commanding a large unit, so eventually that will be fine, but not yet.'

'So that means?

'Well, I'm appointing Lieutenant Colonel Snakes as Major General, with command of the 2nd and 8th Armies. Wayne Simon can take over the de facto command of the 2nd Army. He'll learn from Patrick's command. He's got great leadership skills. I mean, Simon, get the ceremony over with. Isn't it too bad for her to just have a registry?
'Yes, I've been busy.

'You're right, I've had a lot on my plate.

'I will proceed with the preparations.

'Hmm. So, back to the topic at hand, who did well in the rebellion?

'I'd have to say Baron Kanaan, who risked his life to protect the royal family.
Major General Andretti said.

'Indeed!  Who else?'

''Then there's Count Snakes, who rushed to the rescue.
Lieutenant General Ganash says.

'Lieutenant Colonel Snakes... or is it Major General Snakes, I feel like he should be a lieutenant general now that he's been active here and there...'
Lieutenant General Simon, now General Simon, said.

'Well, it's still a secret, but I'm going to entrust him with the old Westin territory as a frontier count, and have him prepare the west. I'll make him lieutenant general now.
The Mental King is on board.

'We need to train the west before the non-aggression pact expires.
'His training is tough, but it's perfect for strengthening him.

'Also, I'd like to reward Abbott for being the first to notice and report the rebellion.

The conversation continued until late at night.