176-frontier count

Many people have gathered at the Royal Castle.

On this day, the awards and decorations for the invasion of the mountain tribes, the awards and decorations for the recent rebellion, and the promotion ceremony are being held.

Those with lesser merits are called up first, but since it is a sign of their success, those who are called up seem to be happy.

After all the awards and decorations, when it came to the knighthood, everyone became quiet.

A knighthood is raised.

It is the greatest honor for a nobleman.

First, a knighthood is awarded for meritorious service in mountain tribal warfare.
Those who are knighted to become barons seem quite happy.

Baron to Viscount, Viscount to Count.

Some of the nobles were suspicious that Snakes' name was not mentioned here.

Next, about the rebellion.

First, the Canaanites, who had defended the royal family at their own peril, were made Viscounts.
They were given their original estates and the adjacent estates.

Here is an explanation of the landholding nobility.

There are several types of territorial nobles.
There are several types of landed gentry.
This includes the Canaanns, the old Rigsbys, and the Abbots.
These are the families that were originally the powerful families in the area.

These are the families that were originally powerful families in the region and were granted territories by advancement.
They are not related to the area because they were given a part of the royal domain by merit.
But the family that put down roots in the territory and worked for the development of the region.

The remaining families are those who were given a part of the territory under the direct control of the royal family, but do nothing in particular but collect taxes.
Such families were not blamed for their incompetence because they were easy to deal with by the royal family.

The territory next to the Canaan territory was occupied by such a house, which is why it was added to the Canaan territory.

As the announcements continued, those related to Patrick were named as follows: Knight Wylie was made a Baron.
Knight Van Pelt was also made a baron.
Van Pelt was also made a baron for defeating a former captain of the Kingsguard.

The former Barony of Curley in the west was given to Wylie, and the former Barony of Eger was given to Van Pelt.

The proximity to the Snakes' territory may be the king's decision or the vizier's plan.

The Abbotts, whose territory was partly adjacent to the mountainous region, were given the territory as their domain and appointed as Counts of the Frontier.

And the Snakes,

The Snakes were given the former Westin territory as their territory and appointed as Counts of the Frontier, based on their one merit in the mountain tribe war and two merits in the rebellion. I also appoint you Lieutenant General of the Royal Army and give you command of the 2nd and 8th Armies.

The castle is abuzz with excitement.

It was the moment of the birth of a teenage lieutenant general.