The first teenager in the history of the Royal Army to be promoted to lieutenant general.
It's no surprise that the Snakes have become the talk of the town, but of course, with that comes bad press.
The Snakes' reputation is mainly based on the following,

The head of the family has a twisted personality.

The Grim Reaper, with his brutal nature and his use of cannibalistic demons

A manipulative little shit

A money-grubber

Manipulator of alcohol.

A man of little means who has risen through the ranks through luck.

A parent killer

I'd say that's about it.

There are few good reputations.
Or rather, there are only bad reviews.

But Patrick doesn't care about that, and if he did, he wouldn't be able to survive in an aristocratic society.
Today's BLACK companies seem to be lax, harsh 24-hour missions, pulling each other down, lies and falsehoods, that's the aristocratic society of this world.

Speaking of rising, two of the Snakes' knights have risen to the rank of baron.
This is the formation of the official Snakes faction.
For the new barons, the house that gave them the knighthood is more important than their family home. In the future, if the House of Snakes and their family were to come into conflict, they would lend their support to the House of Snakes.
This is an unspoken agreement in aristocratic society.
If the Snakes sided with the Snakes' family, it would be a taboo to the extent that the other noble families would stop doing business with the Snakes, as if they had avenged the favor they had done to the Snakes.

As barons, Wylie and Van Pelt became members of the Snakes Frontier Count faction. They are required to contribute more than a knighthood.
Their territories are also next to each other, but Patrick asks them a hard question when they are so excited about receiving their territories.

''Wylie, Van Pelt as well, your territories are not suitable for farming, how do you plan to manage them?
''Didn't you think of that?''
The two of them looked at each other.
''Didn't you think about why the old Baron Curley and Baron Eger borrowed money from Westin? 'Because the harvest was small and the money was lost just paying taxes. They had to borrow because they didn't have money for other things like guarding their lands. It's probably Prime Minister Bendrick's plan. He's trying to cut into my money. Well, I'll help you. I'll take care of it. I'll see the look of frustration on Prime Minister Bendrick's face...'
Patrick smirked, and not only Wylie and Van Pelt, but everyone present felt a chill run down their spines.