179-Wayne's wedding

Patrick got into the carriage in full dress.
The carriage is red with a black family crest.

The people of King's Landing who see the carriage..,
'Hey, that carriage...'
'Shh! You're talking too loud, you know it when you see it! There's no other carriage like it. It's the carriage of the infamous Count Patrick!
There's nothing blocking the front of that carriage. People quickly avoided the carriage, and oncoming carriages rushed to the side to stop.

The destination of the red carriage was the famous Marquis Simon's residence.

On this day, the wedding ceremony of Emilia Simon, the eldest daughter of the Marquis Simon, and Wayne Simon, the third son of Viscount Kimball (who has been upgraded to a viscount due to his achievements during the recent uprising), will be held at the church, and the wedding party will be held at the Marquis Simon's residence. .

The Marquis Simon is one of the oldest aristocrats in the kingdom and an important post (general) in the national army, so many aristocrats gather there.
Young noblemen are gathering like ants swarming over sugar, hoping that the formal marriage of Emilia, one of Simon's 15 sisters, will lift the ban on the engagement of the remaining 14 sisters.
That's right, none of the daughters of the Marquess Simon had gotten married yet.
The reason? It's just because of a father who loves his daughters.
Since the survival of the family was at stake, the eldest daughter wanted to take Wayne as her son-in-law, but the remaining 14 daughters found their father annoying.

The party was not flashy like the Marquesses, but it was elegant, graceful and full of luxury.
Well, Patrick had another goal in mind.

'Pat, what's the story?
' asked DeCourse Canaan.
His father, Trolla, had officially retired from the Kingsguard (discharged with an honorable wound after losing one of his arms protecting the king) to concentrate on running the estate, and he had returned to King's Landing to take his place in the Kingsguard.

'Brother Decourse, you're already 30 years old, right? Do you have a wife in mind?
'I'm only 29! There's no such thing as a wife!
'You can't be so proud of yourself. Now that the Canaan family is a viscount, they need to get a proper wife, right? We need to find a good girl at this party!
'Ugh. No, but...'
'But Kakashi, you need to fix the fact that you can't talk to women! He's fine with his relatives and the royal family, but when it comes to other nobles, he can't talk to them, it doesn't make sense!
Decourse had the disadvantage of being too nervous to talk to potential marriageable women.

'Even if you say it like that...'

'Nervousness in your body doesn't suit you!

'I don't know what to say...'

'Just tell her your name, stare at her and tell her she's beautiful! I'd prefer a woman who likes to talk, but that's not a luxury! Brother Decourse, do you have a favorite woman in your life?

'Not that there aren't any, but...'

'Who? What girl?

'Oh, the girl...'
In a small, muffled voice, he looked at me and said,

It was someone Patrick hadn't expected.