The one in Decourse's line of sight was..,
She was about 18 years old.
She was about six feet tall, with a slightly bony but toned body.
A long, brown head of straight hair and green eyes.
Large breasts.

And a full beard!

Yes, a Dwarf woman.

This woman's name is Clarice Simon.

Yes, the fifth daughter of the Simon family, son of the third wife of the Marquess Simon. So to be precise, she is half dwarf and half human.
She had a long beard and straight, almost golden brown hair that was clean and shiny, and it was sucked into the valley of the two magnificent twin hills on her chest.

I think I mentioned before that there are noble families that accept the blood of elves, dwarves, and beastmen, and the Marquesses of Simon are at the forefront of this.
The first wife is a human (sister of the king), the second wife is also a human, the third wife is a dwarf, the fourth wife is a human, and the fifth wife is a beast (wolf).
The fifth wife is a werewolf. (The fifth wife was chosen from among the beastmen who had many male siblings in order to give the Simon family, which had no male children, a boy.)

'Brother Decourse, I think it's good. Everyone has their own preferences. Let's go, shall we?'

'Where's the good stuff?'
DeCourse bit down hard.

'Where, Miss Clarice's place! I know Marquis Simon and Wayne very well, so I can at least talk to them. The rest is up to you, Decourse.'
'You can't just...'
'Brother DeCourse! If you don't get married or have children, you'll have to hand over the governorship to Brother Brose and spend the rest of your life in the Kingsguard. Well, that's one way to live, but at least once in your life, you need to take a shot at a woman and attack her, right?
'Yes, that's true, but I've been alone until this age, so I don't have confidence...'
'You don't need confidence! All you need is determination and the courage to take a step forward! Come on! Here we go!

With that, Patrick grabbed DeCourse's left wrist and walked towards Miss Clarice, dragging the large DeCourse with him.

'Wait, wait, Pat, I'm not ready!

DeCourse's mental cry was audible.