Patrick reaches General Simon, dragging DeCourse along at a snail's pace.

'Your Excellency, Marquis Simon, congratulations on this occasion!
He bows his head and offers his congratulations. I usually call him General, but that's in the military, and a wedding is a private affair, so Patrick calls me Marquis.

'Oh! Thank you, Count Snakes. By the way, who's that guy holding your arm?

No one would congratulate DeCourse with his arm in his hand. It's natural to be curious.

'Yes, it's my cousin, the eldest son of Viscount Canaan, Decourse Canaan.

'Oh! You're Trolla-dono's son! I heard he was in the Kingsguard until a few years ago. So, why are you holding my arm?'

'Because he would have run away if I didn't hold him. Sir, I have a small favor to ask.

'Hmm? If it's a favor from a frontiersman, I'll do it, but what's the favor?

''Yes, this is Decourse, I'm 29 years old, single, and have no fiancée, but today, a woman appeared in this hall that I'm attracted to, but she's too shy to speak to me, so I thought I'd act as an intermediary.

''Hmm, if you're the cousin of the frontier count and the son of Lord Trolla, I'll set up a meeting with anyone from anywhere!

(Okay, I've got a deal!)

Patrick smiled inwardly.
'So, which girl is it?
Marquis Simon doesn't think it's his daughter for a second.

'Yes, His Excellency's fifth daughter, Lady Clarice.

'What the hell!

Marquis Simon's loud voice rang out.

(Oh, will he be offended? I'm famous for taking care of my daughter,

'You've taken a liking to my daughter, Clarice! Bravo! Many Men of Men hate Dwarf women, but Dwarf women are kind and patient! I like her! Lord Decourse! My daughter will not shave. Is that all right with you?

He asked Decourse,
'Of course, sir! I'm in love with you, beard and all!
Decourse replied in a loud voice.

It was so loud that it echoed throughout the hall.

Naturally, the voice reached Miss Clarice's ears as well.
Miss Clarice's face turned bright red.

She had never been favored by a man before. No, there had been dwarven men, but Miss Clarisse's preference had been for men of the human race. And taller than her. As a half-Dwarf, half-Human, Miss Clarisse was taller than most Dwarf women. No, she was taller than a dwarf man.

'Clarisse! Come here!'
Marquis Simon called out loudly.

Embarrassed and happy, Mistress Clarice came running a little, and Patrick lightly tapped DeCourse on the side with his fist,
'Brother Decourse, this is the game of a lifetime! His Excellency the Marquis Simon seems to be on board, all we have to do is apply to him! Look into his eyes and tell him how you feel!
I whispered in his ear.

'My name is Decourse Canaan! I was so taken by your appearance!
Decourse shouts, staring straight ahead.

Patrick smiled as he looked at DeCourse.