182-Who's the main character?

'Yo! Pat.'

' said one of the men calling out to Patrick. Well, there were only two people in the room who called him Pat, and one of them was in the middle of the game of a lifetime, so that left..,

'Oh! Wayne, our star of the day.
Patrick teased.

'What do you mean, number two?

'Because the star of the show is Miss Emilia, right? Oh, you mean Lady Emilia. '

'Yeah, that's true. But the second one is also becoming suspicious, Clarice is the second one, Decourse-dono is the third one? Then I'm number four?

Wayne said, looking at Clarice and DeCourse.

'No, I think you're number two.

'Maybe. Well, I hope Clarice is happy. She's a good girl. Really!

'Brother Decourse is a good man too. He's just not immune to women.'

'Pat, how are things going with you?'

'Yeah, I think it's going well. He hasn't made me angry, and he comes to my house all the time. '

''Oh. At the house with the snake? '

''He's quite fond of our Pichan.

''As expected of His Highness. She's a different vessel.


'By the way, I heard that you've bought up the houses on either side of us and are expanding the site to build more?

'Yeah, the one on the right was demolished, and the one on the left said, "I can't live next to a house with demons like that! So I bought it just in time. You see, we've got more people, and there will be more.

The number of people in the house of the Snakes Frontier Count has increased considerably compared to before. The reason for this is that the Snakes' army has come to guard the house, and because of the increase in the number of spies, there is a need for a dormitory for them (Ain has recruited a large number of spies from the houses that were demolished). As a result, the number of people working in the dormitory and whatnot has become quite large.

Moreover, after the marriage, there will be maidservants and guards attached to Thornalis.

'I've heard rumors of a strange building that I've never seen before.

'Is it? Well, I'll call you when it's ready.'

'I'll be there just to see the scary stuff.'

Wayne said with a laugh.