There is a store near the noble quarter of the capital.

The bell above the door rang, and a man entered the store.

'Master, did you get that new liquor you were talking about?
Sitting at the counter, the man said, 'Yes.
He was a well-dressed gentleman who exuded an elegant atmosphere.

'Yes, we've just arrived today. Would you like to try it?
The master, a man in his thirties, said,

'Of course. I've been looking forward to it. ' He smiles.
He smiles at me.

'Oh, you're also waiting for the new sake the Master told you about? I'm waiting for it too. I came here instead of working.

A man sitting next to him speaks to the elderly gentleman.

'It's a new brew, after all. I also finished my work in a hurry, so what's in that glass?

The old gentleman asks back.

'Yes, it's new sake. I'll tell you what it tastes like after you drink it.

'Thank you for your concern. I'm glad to hear it.

The master of the restaurant offers you a small plate with about one centimeter of refried beans and nuts on it, and a small glass next to it.

'Please try the untouched one first.

'Hmm, is the color clear?
He puts his nose close to the glass.

'Mmm, the smell is rather peculiar.
Pull your face away from the glass and say.

He sipped the glass and took a small sip of the liquor.
'Mmm, mmm, mmm, gulp, gulp.

'How do you like it?

The Master asked, after making sure he had swallowed,
'The smell is peculiar, but the taste is not so peculiar, but it is not weak, but strong. It's a strange taste, with a hint of sweet potato.

'That's excellent. Let's try this next one.
And then, I bring out a glass with ice in it.

'Hmm, it changes again when it is chilled with ice. Let's see.
And drink. Take your time.

'Wow, this is completely different from whiskey with water. You can enjoy the change as it gradually gets thinner.
The man next to me says,
'Surprising, isn't it?

'Mm! It's a new drink indeed! I also like the unique flavor! This is going to be popular.

'I'm still going to try it with hot water next. Please enjoy it.'

'Oh! You've pushed the habit to the forefront. It's got a strong aroma.

The master smiled,
'Can't I get a takeaway yet?
The old gentleman asked,

'Yes, I haven't received permission from the owner yet, so it's only for drinking here.
'I guess I'll be coming back for a while.
'Yes, sir!

In the meantime, the number of customers increased, and when the place was full, everyone was happily enjoying their drinks.

'Mulder, how's that drink working out for you?
Patrick asked one of the middle-aged men,

'Yes, it's been great! It's especially popular on the rocks. We've only served the potato one as per the lord's orders. The other one is being matured by pickling plums. We will try more and more.
The man replied.

'It's only in the capital for now, but we will open stores in various territories soon. I'll leave you in charge of recruiting and training the employees, so work hard.

'Yes, sir! I'll be sure to repay you for picking me up as a commoner with no job opportunities.

'Well, in a way, I'm the one who made you a commoner.

'No, that was my father's fault. I shouldn't have listened to Henry...'

'Well, we all get greedy, you know. You'll just have to live with it. I'll set up stores all over the kingdom, collect information, and if it becomes useful, you'll get a knighthood too!

I'm sure you've thought this through.

'It's greed, alcohol, and women that make men fail, right?'

'Wise words, sir.'

And so, slowly and surely, a store named Bath Nakes spread throughout the kingdom.