185-armor again

Patrick was puzzled.
As usual, the Thornaris party came to the manor of Snakes, accompanied by a large number of guards, but two large crates were unloaded from the carriage.
Take them into the house,
'Let's take this one first.
When the first crate was opened, it contained a ceremonial armor for Patrick, made by Thorinaris, which he had previously left with her.
It's ceremonial armor, but the chains are rusty from being checked in actual combat.
What used to be iron chains have been replaced with light silver and painted green.
The face of the skull on the helmet has been changed to slide upward, making it easier to rehydrate.

'What do you think? I decided to make only small changes for the ceremony.
Thorinaris said.

'Does that mean you're making one for actual combat?
Patrick asked fearfully.

'Yes! The basic concept is the same: leather armor for ease of movement, with metal reinforcements on the head, chest, shoulders and elbows, and the front of the boots. The face of Pichan on both shoulders is changed to be a little smaller, and the body of Pichan is made of only light silver to reduce weight. The baskets from the elbows are made of leather with iron plates inserted in them, and only the left hand side has a thick iron plate sticking out.
Only the lower jaw of the skull is lifted up in the actual helmet for strength reasons. The boots have steel between the front and the toe, so you can kick the enemy as hard as you like! The hilt of the machete, sword, and knife have been remade in the image of Pichan, and the spear has Pichan's engraving on the tip.
Also, as a new weapon, I made something that looks like a combination of a large knife and a machete.

And that's all he had to say.

The weapon for actual use seems to be a little less flashy.
There are two Pichans, one with a silver head and the other with a light silver body, and an iron plate with the family crest of the Snakes and Pichan engraved on it.

And a weapon that looked like a combination of a knife and a machete, which Patrick had seen before.
(It's a large kukuri knife, isn't it?) He thinks to himself, but doesn't say anything.

Then the armor show begins.
It's just Patrick putting it on and showing it to Thorinaris.

But as expected, the armor does not interfere with Patrick's movements, and the size is perfect.
It is truly custom-made.

'Thank you very much!

Patrick thanked him and kissed Thorinaris lightly on the cheek.

A boiled octopus-like sonaris was the result.