186-Military March 1

King's Landing is very busy these days.
The reason is that the military march is coming soon.

Why is it crowded when it is close?

First, there are more people. The reason for this is that the Royal Army is going out of the capital, even if only temporarily.

The Royal Army, unlike the other armies, consisted of the first three armies of the Royal Army, but at that time, the total number of soldiers was 10,500, including 10,000 soldiers and 500 members of the Royal Court Kingsguard.

The 500 members of the Royal Court Kingsguard are basically in the royal palace, but the other royal city troops use the military facilities next to the royal castle instead of using the fortress if it is a district army, but all the royal city troops use it.

In this way, the maintenance of the facilities can be done for all three armies at once, so about 1,000 people are working for the maintenance of the facilities and office work, as well as the soldiers who send messages back and forth between the district army and the capital.
Well, I didn't count the meals and barracks because they are outsourced to military personnel.

Dividing the remaining 9,000 by three, we get 3,000 in one army, consisting of 2,000 soldiers fighting on the front lines and about 1,000 in the rear support wagons and their escorts.

When the 8th Army was newly added, 300 soldiers were transferred out, so the number of rear support soldiers in each army was reduced to 900.

Now, to get back to the original point, the number of soldiers participating in the military march and leaving the royal capital is about 3,000, including 1,000 from each army.
If this is the case, problems will arise in maintaining the security of the capital, which is their normal work.
In order to support them, 2,000 soldiers, 500 from each army, will come to support them.

So the soldiers who came to support the army went out to have fun at night, the inn was packed, the restaurants and bars were full of people, the whole capital was somewhat buoyant, and the economy was improving.
In other words, it's a festival to stimulate the economy.

'Now, about the course of this military march...'
General Simon spoke up.

'The first army will be north this time, the third army south, and the second and eighth armies east.

'General Simon, I have a question.

'What is it? Lieutenant General Ganache.

'What about the west?

'Oh, yeah, about that. No, actually, you know that the Snakes Frontier Counties send soldiers to King's Landing every few months in shifts, right? Those soldiers hunt bandits and demons as they go, so there are no demons at all west of the capital, especially along the roads. There are almost no demons in the forest off the road, so there is no point in going there. The purpose is to provide pelts and meat to orphanages and families of fallen soldiers. The Adventurer's Guild complained that we were going too far.

'Huh? Lieutenant General Snakes?'

Lieutenant General Ganash asked as he turned to Patrick,

'Yes, I thought it would be better to come with training than to just come. I thought it would be better to come and train with you than just come and train. Not only the streets, but also the woods. Only demons, sir. I left the beasts. The adventurer's guild complained to us as well, but when we told them that the adventurer's guild tavern doesn't want our whiskey, they backed off easily.
Seeing Patrick's smiling reply, Lieutenant General Ganash said,

'That's amazing...'
General Ganash muttered quietly.