187-Military March 2

Well, a few days after I had said such things, well, it was the day of the military march.

Horses and carriages went out from the facilities of the Royal Army with great pomp, and infantry followed behind them.

First up was the First Army. General Simon rides his horse and waves back with a smile to the people of the capital who wave at him on the street.
His armor is a gorgeous metal armor with gold in many places.
The helmet is a face-veiling type.
The first army is advancing toward the north gate.

Normally, the second army would be next, but for some reason, the third army is next.
Lieutenant General Ganash is also riding on a horse in gorgeous metal armor.
He is marching toward the south gate.

Next up, the second army.

Leading the way is Lieutenant Colonel Wayne Simon.
He is astride his horse in metal armor that is more modest than his father-in-law's, but no less splendid.
He is gallantly advancing toward the east gate.
The cheers are louder than ever, probably because he is young, strong and handsome.

And at the end of the march is a man riding a large black horse.
He wears red leather armor, silvery snake heads on both shoulders, and a skull helmet.
On the basket in his right hand is the family crest of a certain family.
An object of fear for the people of King's Landing.
A nobleman who feeds sinners to his snake demons.

The people leave like spider pups.

'Reaper nobles! Run! The snake will eat you!

They shouted.

'Hmm, marching while watching the people flee, that's quite refreshing.
Patrick muttered, and Mirko, who was standing beside him, said,
I envy you the strength of mind to call it exhilarating, I would want to stay indoors.
I'd rather stay indoors.' He was dumbfounded.


A girl, or should I say a woman as she will soon be an adult, watched the march from a carriage bearing the royal family crest and was entranced.
As soon as Patrick was out of sight, she turned around and said,
'Patrick was so cool, wasn't he! The armor looked good on him, the atmosphere he created was good, and the people running for their lives was a nice touch!
'I'm going to recommend the reluctance of the neighboring knight Mirko!
'What? Amelia! Do you like Mirko-san? He's definitely a handsome guy. Please tell me more about it! If you want, I can tell Patrick-sama and have him intercede for you.

It's often said that three is as bad as one, but it seems two is as bad as one.