188-Military March 3

Now, the second and eighth armies, led by Wayne, have passed through the east gate of King's Landing.

They wait for Patrick, who is at the back of the line.
Wayne thought he heard a faint scream in the back, but he didn't think the source of the scream was his boss.

He put his hand on his forehead,
'I wonder if there ever was a lieutenant general who was so feared.
He watched Patrick pass through the gate, and greeted him with a salute,
'Lieutenant General! Give the order for future movements!
He asked for instructions in a loud voice.

'All right, then, let's have the second and eighth armies spread out horizontally and destroy the demons. The wagons will move slowly east along the road. The others will hunt in the woods and meadows. We'll destroy the demons! Carry the hunted monsters to the wagons. The wagons should dismantle the demons and put the usable ones in the wagons and bury the useless ones.
He said loudly,
'Then leave!
Then, in a loud voice, 'Let's go!

Since the Royal Army was patrolling the area near the capital, there were no demons of any importance. There are only useless demons such as goblins, and common demons such as orcs and ogres.
Goblins and Orcs are no longer a match for the Kingdom's armies, especially the second and eighth armies, which have been trained hard by Wayne and Patrick.
The ogres are a bit stronger, but even so, they can be defeated by a few people working together.
A few years ago, there would have been many injured by this monster.

When we entered the next territory, the number of demons finally increased.
The soldiers who killed and carried the demons busily delivered the demons to the wagons that were moving along the road, and the soldiers of the wagons who were waiting for them began to dismantle them.
On the side of the road, several young soldiers are digging holes to bury the demons.
The decapitated demons have their usable parts removed and are then dropped into the holes. After a few of them are dropped, they are covered with earth and buried.

Someone calls out to Patrick.
'What is it?'
Patrick asks out loud,
'Oh! There you are! You're closer than I thought. Can I return a few carriages to King's Landing? They're already full.
He reported to me.
'All right, I'll send a platoon to escort them. Unload them at King's Landing and come back immediately. Colton! Take your platoon and escort the wagon! Once you get back to King's Landing and unload, get back on the wagon!
The dumb-faced Colton was told,
'Yes, sir! Colton's platoon, let's head back to King's Landing!
He called out to his platoon.

That evening, they cooked the edible demons for dinner, but Patrick was a little tired after being forced to make a large amount of teriyaki burgers at the request of the 8th Army.

About 1300 burgers...