189-Military March 4

It was early in the morning when we started to eradicate the demons.

Perhaps it was because we were far to the east, but we ran into a pack of Big Boars, and when we managed to destroy them and get a large amount of fur and meat, we were surrounded by a huge number of Gray Wolves, perhaps lured by the smell of blood.
We shot them dead with bows and arrows, but as the distance between us shortened, we had to fight them with spears and swords.
Wayne charged into the center of the grey wolf pack.
The heads of the gray wolves flew in all directions with Wayne at the center.

'The Eastern Army and the territorial army around here, do your job!
Patrick complained and swung his machete at him,

'The Eastern Front's main role is to fight off the wyverns, so they can't do anything else, can they?
Mirko says as she stabs him with her spear.

'Then what are the territorial soldiers doing?

'Maintaining security, I guess. There are a lot of baronial families around here, so there won't be many soldiers.
Wylie, whose family is in the east, said.

'Adventurers from the west, why don't you come to the east?
Van Pelt shouted dully.

'Why don't someone tell the western adventurers?
Patrick slashes the grey wolf's head off with his machete sword.

'Not after we've destroyed it?
Mirko said calmly.
We manage to destroy the gray wolf, strip it of its fur, and stuff it into the wagon.

When the rest of the wagons were about to run out of steam, the wagons returned with Colton's platoon.

'Lieutenant General! I've just returned!

'Thank you! As soon as Colton returns, I'll tell you what to do, destroy the demons or escort the wagons again, whichever you prefer!

'What? Are you already full?

'Yeah, I'm almost at my limit.

'Then I'll go back to King's Landing to get more carriages and come back!

'Good! Keep moving in that direction!

'Yes, sir!

With that, Colton's platoon escorted the caravan back to the capital.

As the soldiers were loading the wagons, Patrick looked at the sky and saw several dots floating in the sky.
Patrick said to Wayne, who was in command beside him,

'Hey, Wayne.
Patrick called out to Wayne, who was in command beside him.

'What is it, Lieutenant General?

'What's that look like?

He points to a dot in the sky and asks.
Wayne looks in the direction pointed at.

The dot grows a little larger, bobs up and down, and comes toward us.
It looks like a bat.

'Hey, Lieutenant General, I've got a really bad feeling about this...'

'That's a coincidence. Me too...'

'You look like a wyvern.
Wayne said with a look of disgust on his face.

'All hands! Stop loading demons! It's a wyvern! Archers at the ready! Carriages! Did you load the ballista?
Patrick asks out loud,

'General! We only have one!

'Yes, sir! Prepare to fire! Hurry up!

'Yes, sir!

With the naked eye, the other soldiers could see that several bat-like objects were definitely coming towards us.

'Hey Wayne. I guess we're out of luck...'

'I think you're having more bad luck than we are. Ever since you joined the army, you've hit all the big ones, right? Demons and humans alike. When I was away from you, it was just ordinary goblins and orcs.

'Yeah, I've been wondering that too...'